Thursday, April 22, 2010

Milk time with Avent bottles

Since the Avent magic cup been used for so long, mommy bought this Avent bottles for 2 of you to drink milk at night before sleep. As you didn't use bottle after you were 1 month plus, 2 of you were so excited when see this! You 2 thought this is a toy! Playing with it when mommy took it out from the box! Mommy sure 2 of you like to use it to drink milk because the teat is softer than the training cup teat! And it is nicer to suck!! :)

Aiden happy with the new bottle!!

Eden enjoying suck suck the new bottle! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Went to Genting again!! :) (backdated)

In Mac and April'10, we went to Genting twice!!!

25/3/10, mommy, Eden, Aiden, wai gong, wai po, gu po, and Suet Wei biao yi went overnight at Genting! We got some free room stay vouchers at 1st World Hotel from Auntie Chinnee! Thanks a lot!!!! This is the 1st time you 2 went to Genting with wai gong and wai po! They are happy to see you enjoyed playing there! But they are tired to carry you 2 as you didn't want to walk! I think 2 of you don't like the condition in 1st World Plaza! The roller coaster flying above you! We had a great buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace, Genting Hotel with gu po and biao yi! Wai gong and wai po didn't join us as they still full!

We went to the Safari Water Park to play with the very warm water! But Eden you not really like it because the smoke came out from the water! I think you scare about that! Aiden were quite enjoyed in the warm pool!! Hope next time you 2 can really playing with the slide and all the things there!!

We had a great buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace, Genting Hotel (Thanks again Auntie Chinnee recommend us this great restaurant!) with gu po and biao yi! Wai gong and wai po didn't join is as they still full! After the yummy dinner, we went back to 1st World Plaza to play at the indoor theme park! For sure, 2 of you were really really enjoyed this! You 2 like the Ferris Wheel! Keep saying 'gao gao' (high)! And the Reindeer's ride!! Eden you kept saying "deer deer!". :)

We had a very nice day at Genting with wai gong and wai po... We also stopped at the 'Qing Tsui' temple for a look! Both of you were so happy there! Kept running around even you 2 were very tired! We back home after we had our lunch at Gotong Jaya and 2 of you fall slept when on the way home!! :)

10,11/4/10 - Saturday, around 4pm, pa pa called mommy and asked mommy to go Genting Highland! What?? So late already still want to go Genting?? Pa pa told mommy that jiu jiu's friend booked some extra room, and asked us to go! Wow!! Such a nice person! And the room is Maxims Suite, Genting Hotel! Cost RM1.4k per night!! Oh My God! So, after we get ready, we went to fetch Ivan uncle and Karen jie jie. Yi Hwa ah yi went with us as well!! Jiu jiu and Ah Mei jie jie were with the other car!

We reached Genting quite late! It was around 9pm when we went into the suite! Oh! The suite is really nice!! We all love it so much! Both of you really happy and jump up and down, run in and out!!! We ordered room service for our dinner because we all were so lazy to go out! The food was so yummy! Maybe we were too hungry huh?? :) After the dinner, we went down to breath some fresh cool air! And play some rides at the Vision City! After that we back to room and it was around 12am! Pa pa went clubbing with uncle, Karen jie jie, jiu jiu and Ah Mei jie jie! Mommy and Yi Hwa ah yi stayed in the room to look after 2 of you! After both of you fall slept, mommy enjoyed online with the computer provided in the room plus Internet! :)

Next morning, we had our breakfast at Hou Yao Kei dim sum restaurant! After that, we heading to 1st World Plaza! After the discussion, we decided to go for out door theme park! Both of you really enjoyed the rides at the outdoor theme park!! We almost ride all the family rides! Around 4.30pm, when we in the Ferris Wheel, 2 of you nearly fall asleep! :D You 2 started tired and want to take a nap! So, we decided to leave Genting Highland! When we on the way to the car park, Aiden already fall slept! Eden fall slept when on the way going down hill!! You 2 really enjoyed for the day! Mommy believe we will go there again very soon!! Hope so!! Haha... :)

P/S: All photos had been uploaded to my Facebook = Irene Mali Mali Hom. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

The words that Eden & Aiden can say now!

2 of you consider very slow in talk! Let's see what 2 of you can talk in your aged 2!! :)


- da ge (Eden)

- di di (Aiden)

- ma ma

- ba ba

- po (grandma)

- gong (grandpa)

- tai (great grandma)

- yi yi (mommy's sister)

- zhio zhio (mommy's brother and suppose pronounce as jiu jiu)
- tai (great grandma)
- pu po (grand auntie and suppose is gu po)
- kiok gong (Aiden) (grand uncle and suppose is chiong gong)
- mei mei
- jie jie
- kor kor
- a cle (UNCLE)
- a ti (UNTIE)

- bye bye
- an an / dark dark
- gao gao (tall)
- dun (it's mean GUN)
- big
- mall (it's mean SMALL)
- go
- fun (it's mean rice in mandarin)
- chi fun (eat rice)
- yao (want)
- no no
- bao bao (cuddle / full / diaper)
- bei (blanket / want you carry him on back)
- gai gai (go jalan-jalan)
- book
- yum se (yum seng)
- da (big in mandarin/ star)
- yo (have)

- open

- mei mei (beautiful)

- neh neh (want mommy breastfeed)
- cake
- mie bao (BREAD)
- bun
- b ke (Aiden) (BISCUIT)
- papaya
- banana
- ple (APPLE)
- nut
- ffff ball (FISH BALL)
- fuuuu (TAUFU)
- egg

- car
- bus

- wow wow (DOG)
- mao (CAT)
- duck duck
- kok kok (CHICKEN, who teach you this huh??!! :s )
- nake (SNAKE)

- ma (horse)

- tiger

- la-yee (LION)


- in chinese - 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9

- in english - 1, 4, 5, 8, 9


- A, B, C, D, E, O,


- nai nai (Fruity Pie)

- Yo Yo

- Mo Mo

- Ba ney (Barney)

- Pooh

and etc.................................... :)