Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 1 after check up!

This morning, don't know why Aiden woke up so early! You woke up around 7am! Then you kept 'talk' to yourself on the bed :"pa pa... da da da.... po......". Until around 9am! Eden also woke up. 2 of you still got a bit warm. So, mommy gave 2 of you formula milk as breakfast then fever medicine.

Nothing different found on Eden but Aiden, you still don't want to come down to walk. Since yesterday night, mommy can feel a bit swollen on the injection area. You keep hold mommy tight when mommy cuddle you! Even today! When you stand up with holding something, your left leg (injection leg) will ban a bit. You only can move with slow motion like stand up or sit down! When you wanted to go some where, you will request us to carry you there! Pity my little boy.... Mommy really can feel your pain!

Now pa pa keep encourage Aiden to walk more with holding your hand! But you only manage to walk few steps then started to make noise! Hope you can recover very soon! Then we can go 'gai gai' since pa pa on leave these few days!! ;)

My pity boy......

Check up

Today around 3pm, mommy brought 2 of you for check up and pa pa was with us! This check up suppose set on 1/10/09. But maybe we will go out that day, so mommy decided to do it earlier! Mommy asked the nurse whether we can change the appointment to today and the answer was yes! ;)

When we waiting for our turn to weigh 2 of you, mommy let 2 of you played on the small slide and see saw. After around 10minutes, it's our turn! Eden & Aiden has a same weight - 9.5kgs! Then we wait again for the check up. But 2 of you started to make noise because it's about your nap time! When in the room for check up, 2 of you kept want to go outside for the slide n see saw! Since the nurse will only asked mommy few question as usual, mommy asked pa pa to bring 2 of you out to play. If not mommy totally cant have a conversation with the nurse!

After the Q&A section ( :s) , it's the time for the injection!!!! This injection suppose to give last month but that time 2 of you just recovered from bad cough! Still remember the previous post?? So, today 2 of you are healthy enough to get this jab!!! Since you 2 already started make noise due to tired, for sure when the nurse inject that time 2 of you will cry badly! And yes, the crying voice was loud enough to break the glass!!! But 2 of you just cried for a while. ;)

After back home, for play safe, mommy gave 2 of you fever medicine. Then you 2 were really tired and fall slept really fast!

After wake up from nap, 2 of you were like normal. No fever, no pain on the injection area. But after you 2 taken dinner and when mommy shower, 2 of you started to make noise. Aiden cant walk at all and need pa pa to carry! Eden still can walk with support by things! Until went on bed for sleep, Aiden still the same and Eden back to normal, can play and walk by your own. Mommy felt warm on 2 of your body, so gave fever medicine again! Hope everything will back to normal tomorrow morning after wake up!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Raya trip - Cameron Highland

Finally mommy got some times to update this post about our Cameron Highland trip!

The 1st day, mommy woke up around 5.30am! As gu po said want to depart earlier to avoid traffic jam! 2 of you also woke up very early in the morning!! Around 6am! 2 of you seem like knew we are going out for a trip, very happy and excited even you 2 were not enough sleep! 2 pictures below were taken before we depart!

We took off around 6.45am. 2 of you started to sleep when the half way of our journey until we reached Tapah. We stop there to take our lunch around 11am. Then we continue our way up to Cameron. This time 2 of you didn't fall sleep. Kept request this and that! And because of the road like a snake, make mommy felt dizzy and headache!

We stop at the water fall for a short rest!

We played with the cold water and again Eden you still doesn't like it!! :D Mommy carried Aiden and pa pa carried Eden.

The 1st place we visited was Big Red Strawberry farm. This is a new spot at Cameron Highland. So we stop here and enjoyed our self-pluck strawberry here!

9 of us - Aiden, chiong gong, gu po, Suet Wei biao yi, An Jie biao jiu, Eden, Shirley biao yi, mommy & pa pa.

Pa pa, mommy, Suet Wei biao yi, Shirley biao yi and Aiden happy plucking strawberry!

And happy eating! (Actually eat strawberry in the farm when plucking is forbidden! hehe... )

But we...............

After Aiden then Eden! 2 of you ate around 5 big strawberry there!!!! :D

Wow...... you see the vegetables!!!!

2nd day morning, we walked to have our breakfast! Later on around 1.30pm, wai gong, wai po and 3 kakak also came to join us!

This time, we got the chance to visit a private vegetables farm that own by the uncle and auntie who rented the apartment to us! But very bad, that time started to rain when on the way there! So, we didn't spent much time there!
See! Pa pa, Suet Wei biao yi and An Jie biao jiu sitting on qiong gong's Storm when raining! Pity them! But mommy think they quite enjoy it!! ;)

This dog is uncle's pet! Look at its teeth!!! I think it needs to do bracing! :D

Night time, having fun with the new toys and bubbles that pa pa bought this morning!! 2 of you like it so much!!!

This costume was wai gong bought from China! He bought this to let 2 of you wear it on dinner of gong tai & po tai's 50th anniversary of marriage! Everyone praise wai gong that he really bought a very nice costume! Since this costume is very thick and have not many chance to wear, so mommy brought it there and let 2 of you wear since the weather there is cold! ;)

Pa pa & Aiden!
How Aiden you do when we ask you to smile! You will cover your mouth and laugh with sound!

3rd day, the last day. Get ready to leave Cameron Highland! This time, as our plan, we didn't visit many places because we knew that the traffic there sure very jam during the public holidays time! So, most of the time we just stayed in the apartment!

This is Aiden! You see your face! Look like an apple! This picture taken when we took our lunch at Simpang Pulai, after came down from Cameron Highland! Every time after come down from Cameron Highland, Eden & Aiden's face sure will turn pink and look like an apple!! :D

This is the vegetables we got from Cameron Highland! Some are given by the auntie who rented the apartment to us!

And some millet, quinoa, amaranth grain, red & green beans! Mommy bought this at a organic shop that we sure will stop there to buy some organic things! Because the rice there are really really cheap!

We really had a wonderful trip this time! And gu po planning for the next trip to Cameron Highland!! Maybe on this December! Haha.......

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Twin in astro 'Hai Zi Face'!!

Thanks Catherine for informed me about this event - Astro ‘孩子’脸谱征求活动. This is not a competition but is for merdeka celebration (I guess... ;p). Mommy sent out these 3 photos :

Actually this is not the 1st time mommy sent your photo to Astro! Before this mommy did sent your photo to Xiao Tai Yang channel for the birthday programme! Let's have a look!! ;)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our faces in Feminine Magz!!!

Remember the older post about the Anggugu 2nd anniversary and International breast feed week event, mommy interviewed by the Feminie magazine? The articles came out on the Sept issue! That day when a MP mommy told me this, mommy quickly asked yi yi to buy 1 when she back home!

When mommy turn to this page, Aiden you immediately pointed on mommy and your picture!! And kept making the 'surprise' sound! And Eden you also came to join us! You also can recognize mommy and your picture with di di!! ;)

1st Nissen play pants & mommy's birthday gift!

This afternoon, mommy got this again......

Oooooo.... The Nissen play pants are here!!! Mommy bought this with Aunt Angel also. (Seem like all the things mommy also bought from her!! :D )

There are 2 pcs per set and mommy bought 2 sets which is bear & frog. Cute, right? Hope Eden & Aiden will like it!

1 more thing came with the play pants!!!!!!!!!! A birthday present for mommy from Aunt Angel!! Actually she already told mommy she will give me a present! Feel so warm and touch as she said mommy is the 1st MP mommies that she give a present to!! Thanks ya! Buddy Angel!! ;)

But......... Once mommy open the present, it really make me LOL!!!!! Because......

Guess what she gave mommy as birthday present???

OMG.... It is a G-String panties!!!! This is what mommy guess and asked her before about this present!! She still pretend like don't know what is 'G-String'!!! This Aunt Angel.............

OK.... as mommy promised her before that I'll post this present on blog, so mommy have to post it here! No choice!!! Haha.....

New shoes are here!!

Mommy got this yesterday evening- NEW SHOES!!!! Bought from Aunt Angel also.

Again, she put the shoes in this and 2 of you saw it and requested for the biscuits!!! :s

Ta daaaaa....... Here are the 4 pairs of shoes!!! Nice?? 2 of you saw these shoes after woke up from nap, Aiden you were so happy, kept point on the shoes and make 'surprise' sound! Eden you straight wanted to wear it! Seem like 2 of you like the shoes so much! ;)

The 2 pairs of sandal are too big! 2 of you can't wear at all in this moment! Eden wore it and the shoes came off after you walk few steps and Aiden even not dare to walk when wearing it!! Hmmm.... Have to wait for few more months then....

Last, trying and playing with the new shoes..............