Friday, January 15, 2010

Eden & Aiden performing! ;)

Eden and Aiden like to sing and dance as what the previous post written before! As mommy say, I'll post some of the video that when Eden & Aiden 'performing'!! ;)

Surprisingly, these few weeks, you 2 started to follow how the jie jie kor kor in the tv dance!! Mommy never teach you 2 how to dance with that song! 2 of you just watched the song for 2 or 3 times, then can remember some steps already!! You 2 will dance together with the song once you see it in tv! Aiden you are more interested on this and Eden you will dance together too but only a short while then you started to run around!

Mommy is so happy to see when 2 of you dancing!! And proud of you!!! Keep it up my dear!! ;)

The Itcy Bitcy Spider from Barney and Friends! Actually 2 of you like to dance with this song around 4 months back after mommy taught you!! The 1st song you 2 learn to dance and both of you like this song so much!!! Always dance with it whenever hear it!!

两只老虎 - Remember in the previous post, a video showing gu po teaching Aiden how to dance with this song?? And wai po taught Eden! Now you can dance better!! ;)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Eden's 两只老虎

MO MO 欢乐谷 theme song! This is the 1st song Eden & Aiden dance with the kor kor jie jie by yourself!!!

Are You Sleeping - You 2 can dance with the song after watched 1 time how the 苹果姐姐 dance with the song!! Bravo Eden & Aiden!!

Mo Mo 欢乐谷 theme song again! Get better and better!! ;)

P/S : Actually there are more video mommy wants to post here like Mo Mo 欢乐谷 再见歌,how Eden and Aiden sing. Due to the Internet line is down recently, the upload of video keep failed! So, recently mommy also less update the blog!! Mommy will try to upload it again!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Playing together!

Around 3 months back, 2 of you started to play together. I mean both of you started to play with each other. When your baby's time, 2 of you not look at each other even 1 second! Now, you 2 always play with each other, and for sure always fight for a toy too!!!!

This video taken on 14th Oct 2009. 2 of you like to follow what the other doing!

21st Nov 2009, this video taken when mommy saw 2 of you were 'talking' to each other! This really make mommy laugh! I think only you 2 understand what the other talking about! :D

21st Nov 2009, playing in wai po's room. If not mistaken, is Aiden you keep wanted to hold Eden's hand!

14th Dec 2009, playing the Mega Bloks together!

7th Jan 2010, 2 naked boys playing tickle! You 2 like to tickle each other when naked! Especially Eden! :)

Learn to read

Thanks Auntie Angel for helping mommy to get these 2 education product! You 2 still have some toys to play with now, so mommy will keep these first and let you 2 play later! ;)

WORD READER - put a card in and it will read the word.

Robin i-Pen - mommy not yet discover how does this pen work. I think it will read the word out too when point on the their story book.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Old and little pig...

Mommy forgot to post this photo at the Christmas post! This photo taken when we at The Mines Shopping Fair after the wedding lunch! 2 of you were so tired when in the mall and fall slept. Mommy carried Aiden and wai gong carried Eden. Since 2 of you were nap and it was so hard to carry you for more than an hour, we had something to drink at Starbucks Coffee. Maybe the sofa there are very comfortable and wai gong was tired as well, he also took a nap with Eden. See!! 2 pigs are in the photo, old and little 1..... :)

Eden you were sleep soundly on wai gong's comfortable 'cushion' tummy!! ;p

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sungai Wang & Mid Valley

Last 2 days, we went to Sungai Wang Plaza and Mid Valley Mega Mall with yi yi. Shirley biao yi and Yi Hwa ah yi go with us also. Actually mommy wanted to go MV to buy the Nike sport shoes for 2 of you but unlucky the model was out of stock! And the man told mommy that the new model is coming out soon, so we just wait and see for the new model! ;)

After yi yi finished her make up class, we went to T Bowl restaurant at Sungai Wang Plaza to have something to eat. This is a very special restaurant! Everything in the restaurant is about toilet! See, some photo taken in the shop:

Is you, Aiden! Look carefully in this photo! ;p

See!!!! Toilet bowl seats!

Toilet bowl cover plate!

Toilet bowl!!!!!!!!!!
After we finished our meal, yi yi suggested us to take photo with those machine - '大头贴'! 2 of you were so happy when in the machine! you 2 even can smile when taking picture! Actually that time already 5pm+ and 2 of you were very tired because didn't nap at all! But once we enter that shop and 2 of you started to play and run around again! You 2 dance in the machine because there were some colorful flashing lights and music!
These are some of the picture taken:

Oopsss.... a bit blur....
After this, we straight heading to MV. 2 of you fall slept after 5 minutes enter into the car! Really tired!
Mommy bought some snack at Shojikiya, the Japanese food shop.
Cute printed biscuits - RM3.30 per box

Pretz - RM5.90, Hello Panda - RM15.90 (This is for mommy! ;p)

Let 2 of you tried the panda printed biscuits and you 2 just love it! You will say :"fu........" when you see or request to eat the biscuits! You 2 saying this because you like to watch the KungFu Panda movie and the that is a scene that the panda says :"I love kung fu~~~~~~~~~" ;)

Eden - Dancing king :D

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas decoration everywhere!!!

Because of the Christmas season, all the shopping malls were decorated with nice lighting and decorations! So, for that few weekends, we went to some of the big malls to see all the nice decorations!

Sungai Wang Plaza

The Mines Shopping Fair (went there after a wedding lunch at Serdang)
2 of you not co-operated to let mommy to take a nice photo!


Eden??? Mommy also not so sure! ;p

Pavilion - A place that mommy wanted to bring 2 of you to go for the Christmas decoration there! Because lots of friends said that there was really nice! Snowing some more!

Christmas songs time

Looking at the stage....

Innocent look??

Enjoying the performance of the stage.

Pa pa and Aiden. Nice decoration right?

Mommy with 2 little rascal, waiting for the 'snow'!

Finally... 'snowing'!!! As mommy thought, it was made from suds! :s Eden, are you wondering what is that?? :)

Mommy & Aiden

Time Square

Cute snow man!

Sunway Pyramid

We thought this is Baby Bob but actually this is just a BBQ Plaza dragon. 2 of you were so scared of it! Eden you see your face, you were so worry that you might touch it! And Aiden you even not willing to take photo with it!!

Enjoying the rides....

Aiden scared to ride this. End up Eden also not willing to ride on it! :s

Ikano Power Centre - Nice Underwater Christmas! Get to see some fishes there!

Looking and having fun with the bubbles!!

Posing with the antique car! ;p

Aiden :" Mommy, can you please don't block the way! My sports car is coming through!"

Eden you like this so much even though you just sit on it and the motorbike is not moving!

Aiden with the cute motorbike!

Start engine!!! Vrrroooommmm..... Vrrroooooommmmm.....

Playing with the cutting toys

Bought this cutting toys from 100yens shop at Puchong yesterday night. Mommy is so happy that 2 of you are really enjoy when playing with it! It is so worth to buy it @ only RM4.90 each set and 2 of you like it so much! ;)

Can hear that everyone is cheering when 2 of you 'showing off' that you 2 know how to cut!! ;)