Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy twin's 1st photobook!

Mommy was so happy when got the photobook last 2 days!! What is photobook? It is a book that printed your photos in! This is the 1st time mommy used their software to make a photo album! So, excited and happy when get it! Will upload the photo album here once mommy snaps the picture for it!! ;)

Daily Photos

Here are some daily photos of 2 of you! Take a look! ;)

Eden sleeping pose when mommy pat you to sleep!

Xiao jiu jiu busy tidy the books the books that Aiden took out from the rack! You wanted us to put the durian on the books because you always see we will put some news paper when open the durian! 2 of you ran to the kitchen to take some news paper! See the durian is on the news paper!! ;)

Aiden wearing xiao jiu jiu's glasses! But this glasses is normal glasses! Not for the long/short sighted! ;)

Watching tv time...

Eden wearing yi yi's hair band!

1st time trying to wear wai po's slipper!!

Wai po pin Aiden's hair with a hair clip! ;)

Aiden likes to write / draw so much! Always want a pen n paper to draw! And sometimes will request mommy to draw some picture for you with your body language! Like ball, fish, elephant, horse, dog....... And.... wai po angry with 2 of you because you draw on her bed n floor!!! So, mommy need to keep an eye on 2 of you when you holding a pen!! :D


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mommy got this parcel last week from Auntie Angel! This time, mommy bought some training pants and safety harness bag for 2 of you. Training pants are use to train 2 of you to tell mommy when you want to shh shh or mm mm. It just like normal pants but it can absorb some urine so it wont mess the place if you have a missed! And the safety harness bag is to use it when shopping! So 2 of you won't get lost from mommy's vision! ;)

These are the training pants! Nice design! ;)

Aiden with the Monkey bag!

This is Aiden too! With the lion bag! At first you told mommy this is tiger! Then mommy teach you this is lion and you pronounce it "li-er"! ;)

P/S : Thanks to Auntie Angel to buy the safety harness bags for mommy! Which she is not selling this actually! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Since last few weeks, you 2 started to play together! When you were in baby time, 2 of you not even look at each other! But now......

Note : Sometimes 2 of you will play until hug together! But most of the time are fight for 1 toy!! :s Actually there are more videos in pa pa's phone, but he hasn't transfer it into mommy's laptop although i already reminded him many times!! :( Will upload here once mommy get the video!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wear pants

This morning, when mommy busy with Aiden, suddenly mommy saw that Eden you sit quietly infront of the the sofa, and trying to wear the pants by yourself! Mommy's face immediatly appear a smile from heart! My boys are getting bigger and learning more things now!! But for sure you didn't success to wear the pants! It's take time, baby! Mommy know you can wear it by yourself very soon! Very bad mommy left my handphone in the room, if not mommy sure will record down it!! ;)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Celebrated pa pa's birthday!

So, 7/11/09 we celebrated pa pa's birthday at ah tai's house. Pa pa didn't know mommy bought a cake for him and we gave him a surprised!!!

This is the cake!! Yummy!!!

Happy family!!!


And go!!! Happy birthday to you.......

Blowing candles!!! Can see some of pa pa and mommy's friends were here but they don't know mommy going to celebrate pa pa's birthday that day!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Xiao jiu jiu's graduation!

7/11/09 was xiao jiu jiu's graduation day of his 6 years secondary school life! We went to his school - Chong Hua High School Seremban to celebrate with him! Once we reached, his tears immediately came out from his eyes. Maybe he was so touch when saw wai po oso went with us! (Actually wai po said don't want to go but she turned on last minutes!) So, mommy asked yi yi take out the camera and faster snap his crying face!! ;p See!!!

Crying baby!!! :D

This is the bouquet we gave to jiu jiu! Cost us RM120!!! So expensive!!!

Jiu jiu and his friend taking picture with 2 of you!

And this also.

Again.... Taking photo is jiu jiu's hobby!!!

And the last... Congratulation to xiao jiu jiu for this graduation!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Half soft soled shoes

Finally, these 2 shoes can take out from the wardrobe and let 2 of you to wear as it was too big when mommy got this from Auntie Angel! It still quite big when you wearing it! Sometimes the shoe came off from your foot suddenly!! But better than before because before this the shoes straight came out when you move the first step!!! :D



P/S: Mommy used the measurement tape to measure your height! Both of your height are about the same - around 77cm. Can't get the exact height by using this tape and 2 of you kept moving around!!!

Triangle cheese!

Mommy bought this at Carrefour. It is just a normal cheese and the only different is the shape and it's need to apply on the bread! And the taste not much different so for sure 2 of you were like it so much! ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Playing with dog!!

Last 3 days, we went to visit gu po's friend at Bukit Tinggi, Klang. She has a very cute dog! 2 of you like it so much! Eden you even wanted to cuddle the dog! Aiden a bit scared of it but still like to play with it!! Mommy got some videos when 2 of you playing with the dog!!! ;)

So happy when auntie brought the dog out to the living room!

The dog came near to mommy!!

This is the most terrible!!

This dog really like to kiss Eden & Aiden faces!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shopping @ Mid Valley

Sunday, we went to Mid Valley for shopping! Yi Hwa ah yi going with us as well, because mommy and pa pa can't handle 2 of you by our own when shopping! Actually the purpose we went there was mommy wanted to get a new training cup for 2 of you! But end up mommy didn't buy any after visited few shops!

Anyway, we had a good shopping day that day! But you 2 make noise when we at Secret Recipes! 2 of you wanted nen nen when we just in the shop! So, mommy had to breastfeed you to make you 2 calm down and stop making noise! Even when a waiter taking order from me! Mommy make ordered while breastfeeding you 2!! :s

What did we bought that day? Hmm.... 1 pack of glow in dark star from Toys R' Us! This was pa pa wanted to buy it! 2 Barney VCDs, 'Mei Zhen Xiang bak gua' and some car magz of pa pa! That's all........ ;)

Here is some pictures and video of that day!

2 of you feel bored when playing token machine ride, so, mommy and Yi Hwa ah yi teach you to play this 'knock knock crocodile' game! :D

It was fun to Eden but Aiden seem like a bit scared!

This is when we at Toys R Us Barney section! For sure 2 of you were like it so much!!! Until didn't want to leave there! :)

Having delicios cake at Secret Recipes! Aiden you always wants to eat by yourself! So, When Eden saw it, he also wanted to do the same! :s

See how 2 of you enjoying the cake! So yummy!!! ;)

Eden was so excited when playing this!!! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pa pa's birthday!

31/10/09 was pa pa's 29 years old birthday!! Oooo... He is getting old!!! :D We had a very nice dinner at Cyberjaya Kitchen Village restaurant with Joey's parents! Joey's pa pa is mommy kindergarten, primary, and secondary school classmate! We still keep in touch very often!!

Actually that night we didn't have any celebration for pa pa! Mommy thought to give pa pa a surprise, asked An Ju biao jiu buy a cake and wait us at ah tai's house but very bad, he didn't come back that night! :s

So, maybe we only do it this coming Saturday if we not going anywhere! ;)

Order time! Aiden:" Let's see what dishes are nice!!" ;p
Eden :"Mommy, I'm so hungry!"

Eden 'fake' smile in front of camera!

Pretty Joey mei mei

Yummy dishes

After dinner, running time!!

Don't know this is Eden or Aiden, dancing with Joey mei mei?? Cha cha?? :D

2 of you kept hug hug Joey mei mei that night! Seem like she was quite like it! ;p