Thursday, November 26, 2009

Daily Photos

Here are some daily photos of 2 of you! Take a look! ;)

Eden sleeping pose when mommy pat you to sleep!

Xiao jiu jiu busy tidy the books the books that Aiden took out from the rack! You wanted us to put the durian on the books because you always see we will put some news paper when open the durian! 2 of you ran to the kitchen to take some news paper! See the durian is on the news paper!! ;)

Aiden wearing xiao jiu jiu's glasses! But this glasses is normal glasses! Not for the long/short sighted! ;)

Watching tv time...

Eden wearing yi yi's hair band!

1st time trying to wear wai po's slipper!!

Wai po pin Aiden's hair with a hair clip! ;)

Aiden likes to write / draw so much! Always want a pen n paper to draw! And sometimes will request mommy to draw some picture for you with your body language! Like ball, fish, elephant, horse, dog....... And.... wai po angry with 2 of you because you draw on her bed n floor!!! So, mommy need to keep an eye on 2 of you when you holding a pen!! :D


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