Monday, November 9, 2009

Half soft soled shoes

Finally, these 2 shoes can take out from the wardrobe and let 2 of you to wear as it was too big when mommy got this from Auntie Angel! It still quite big when you wearing it! Sometimes the shoe came off from your foot suddenly!! But better than before because before this the shoes straight came out when you move the first step!!! :D



P/S: Mommy used the measurement tape to measure your height! Both of your height are about the same - around 77cm. Can't get the exact height by using this tape and 2 of you kept moving around!!!


  1. Dear, try to measure their height using the "Height Measuring Chart", which sticked on the wall, and measure the height while they are standing ^_^

  2. Haha.... the chart i hav 1... jst i didnt stick it on the wall... then now bcome 'salted vege' coz my boys tear it... haha...