Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mommy got this parcel last week from Auntie Angel! This time, mommy bought some training pants and safety harness bag for 2 of you. Training pants are use to train 2 of you to tell mommy when you want to shh shh or mm mm. It just like normal pants but it can absorb some urine so it wont mess the place if you have a missed! And the safety harness bag is to use it when shopping! So 2 of you won't get lost from mommy's vision! ;)

These are the training pants! Nice design! ;)

Aiden with the Monkey bag!

This is Aiden too! With the lion bag! At first you told mommy this is tiger! Then mommy teach you this is lion and you pronounce it "li-er"! ;)

P/S : Thanks to Auntie Angel to buy the safety harness bags for mommy! Which she is not selling this actually! :)

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