Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shopping @ Mid Valley

Sunday, we went to Mid Valley for shopping! Yi Hwa ah yi going with us as well, because mommy and pa pa can't handle 2 of you by our own when shopping! Actually the purpose we went there was mommy wanted to get a new training cup for 2 of you! But end up mommy didn't buy any after visited few shops!

Anyway, we had a good shopping day that day! But you 2 make noise when we at Secret Recipes! 2 of you wanted nen nen when we just in the shop! So, mommy had to breastfeed you to make you 2 calm down and stop making noise! Even when a waiter taking order from me! Mommy make ordered while breastfeeding you 2!! :s

What did we bought that day? Hmm.... 1 pack of glow in dark star from Toys R' Us! This was pa pa wanted to buy it! 2 Barney VCDs, 'Mei Zhen Xiang bak gua' and some car magz of pa pa! That's all........ ;)

Here is some pictures and video of that day!

2 of you feel bored when playing token machine ride, so, mommy and Yi Hwa ah yi teach you to play this 'knock knock crocodile' game! :D

It was fun to Eden but Aiden seem like a bit scared!

This is when we at Toys R Us Barney section! For sure 2 of you were like it so much!!! Until didn't want to leave there! :)

Having delicios cake at Secret Recipes! Aiden you always wants to eat by yourself! So, When Eden saw it, he also wanted to do the same! :s

See how 2 of you enjoying the cake! So yummy!!! ;)

Eden was so excited when playing this!!! :)

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