Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sleep on your own!

These 2 weeks, mommy started to let you both fall sleep without hugging mommy or pats on you! for the 1st few days, you both take very long time to fall sleep! play on the bed for an hour and lie on the bed, waiting to fall sleep for another hour!! :s Started these 2 days, you both get to fall sleep faster! Mommy is so happy with your both improvement!! 宝贝,加油!! :)


2/4/11, 因为清明节,所以我们全家一大早就起床去扫墓!这还是我们的第一次!我们是最迟的一家。一到坟场的时候,全部人都看着我们,弟弟就因为这个而大哭了起来!一直吵着要上回车去!哥哥就一直要妈妈抱!过不久,弟弟就没哭了,爸爸就抱他回来!可能因为你们都不够睡吧,所以就闹别扭!还好只是一下子!大约十点多,我们就完成了拜拜回家了!回家的路程只有五分钟,哥哥还真得差一点睡着了!哈哈。。。

The 1st oversea trip!

on 9 - 15/1/11, we went for a 7 days 6 nights trip to Macau, Hong Kong and ShenZhen with Ah Yeang jiu jiu and his 5 other friends! Both of you were so excited because can go on to a flight again! You 2 consider quite co-operated during the whole trip, except on the way back from ShenZhen to M'sia! Because of a night flight, both of you were too tired and wanted to sleep and you 2 only want mommy to carry! So you 2 kept on crying especially Aiden!! Make the whole flight full of your crying sound!! :s Both of you like the 5 kor kor very much! and the 5 kor kor love both of you too! Lucky they were go with us for this trip, if not mommy and pa pa sure can not handle both of with with stroller n 2 qiant luggage!!! Have to say thousand thanks to them!! ;)

Chinese New Year Trip

This year of Chinese New year, we choose to go for a relax trip to Penang. So, we book a better hotel to stay n relax for a 3 days 2 night there! The hotel we stayed was hard Rock Penang. We had lots of fun there! You 2 like the pool so much as there is a sandy bottom pool. So you 2 can enjoy the sand playing in the pool and no need to go to the beach! After back from the trip, you 2 always request to go for a stay at hotel which has sandy bottom pool!!! :) Hope we can go there soon in the future! :)