Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Barney & Elmo VCD and Mega Bloks toys

We went to Alamanda Putrajaya (Carrefour) with wai gong, wai po, xiao jiu jiu and Yi Hwa ah yi. When wai po went to Carrefour for her grocerries, mommy went to MPH book fair and got these things for 2 of you!

Barney & Elmo VCD @ RM10 each!
Mega Bloks sound stackers @ RM15 each! Each of this has 2 different animal face and sound!

The other side! ;)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy gathering with MP forum mommies!!!

Mommy was so happy to meet up few buddies mommies - Auntie Angel, Auntie Carol & Auntie Catherine. I know them through MP Forum and we always chat through MSN. Since Auntie Angel came to KL during this Christmas Holidays, so we set our 1st gathering at IOI Mall, Puchong, 26th Dec 2009.

We reached there about 12.30pm and Auntie Angel was waiting us there since 12pm. And we are not the last one who reach there! Auntie Carol was the last! ;p After we exchanged our christmas gifts, we heading to Wendy's for a good place to chit chat! We only had a short gathering , we spent a quality and happy time there!! Looking forward for more gathering with them - Auntie Angel, Carol, and Catherine! ;)

Some gifts received that day:

From Auntie Carol. She knew that 2 of you like Barney so much, so she bought the mini Barney!

From Auntie Catherine. Mommy just plan to buy a color pencil for 2 of you and Auntie Catherine gave you 2 this! So nice!!!

From Auntie Angel. More and more cloths for 2 of you! ;)

From Auntie Carol also. Actually she wanted to give this to another auntie's daugther. But the auntie didn't come on that day, so Auntie Carol gave it to 2 of you. Thanks again! ;)

Some pics of that day:

Happy family!!! ;)

From left : An Jie biao jiu, Aiden, Eden, mommy, Oscar, Auntie Angel, Shawn, Auntie Carol and Auntie Catherine.
P/S: Auntie Catherine didn't bring her twins along that day. If not the gathering will be perfect!! Hope next time she will bring them along! ;)

We can sing and dnace!

Recently, Aiden you like to follow the dance that showing on tv! You will try to dance together with the dancer, try to follow how they dance! You like Astro小太阳channel's songs like '水果冰淇淋' (Fruity Pie), songs from 'YOYO 午点名' & 'YOYO 晚点名' programme, Barney's songs and etc.

Eden you also can dance but Aiden likes to dance more. Because you seldom dance when mommy ask you to do or when listening the song! ;)

The songs that you 2 like to dance with :
-If you're happy
-Incey wincey spider

Songs that you 2 can 'sing' (Actually just can sing the 'ma ma', 'a a', or 'wa wa') :
-娃娃有一个好妈妈 妈妈有一个好娃娃
树发牙 树开花 娃娃已长大
妈妈妈妈 可知道我害怕
哦 娃娃 哦 娃娃 外面的风雨大

-小蝌蚪啊小尾巴 游来游去找妈妈
妈妈 妈妈 你在哪儿
来来来来 我来啦 来了一只大青蛙

-啦啦啦 啦啦啦 我学汉语拼音啦 啊 啊 啊 啊

Will upload some video about this later!! ;)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Check Up

Today mommy brought 2 of you went for check up.

Eden and Aiden has the same weight, 10kgs. And today need to eat 'ubat cacing' as well. For sure 2 of you like it because it taste like vanila flavoured ice cream! The nurse also said that you 2 finished it so fast!!! ;)

Wedding Lunch

6/12/09, we attended a wedding lunch at Serdang. Some picture taken during the lunch. ;)

Happy Family!!

Aiden playing 'eating'. :D

So concentrated! :)

Posing to camera.

This is what you 2 always do when in a restaurant! Climbing up and down in the high chair! :s


Eden - covering your ear because of the noisy environment!

Wai po put a flower at Aiden's ear! See it?? :D

Saying 'mao' (cat). Whenever you 2 say this word, you sure will put your hand beside your face and making 'cat face'! ;p

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things that we bought when shopping!

Nuby flip-it cups @ RM34.90 each.

Pa pa choose this toy for 2 of you @ RM39.90.

Bought a lots when Popular warehouse sales! Total spent RM122.20 with 3 books of pa pa.

ABC & 123 - RM7.15 with 80%, Nursery Rhymes Height - RM7.90 with 30% discount

Winnie The Pooh story book set - RM98 with 80% discount

123 magnectic board - RM7.90, ABC magnectic board - RM14.20 with 80%

Puzzle with name at the back - RM14.20 with 80% discount,
The shape book - RM35.60 with 80%

Top - RM10 x 3, Bottom - RM14.30 with 80% discount

Top Left - RM25.70, Top right - RM35.75, Bottom left - RM26.90, Bottom right - RM31.50
All with 80% discount.

Barney Color My World hard cover book- RM16.90 nett

Winnie the Pooh, Tiger and friends! 3 books for RM10.

Top (Number 1 - 10) - RM5.90 with 80% discount,
Left (ABC) - RM3.90,
Right (transportation) - RM8.90 with 80% discount

Pa pa got this Digimon toy RM 39.90 each with 80% discount.

Mega Bloks RM49.90, 70% discount

Fisher Price toy RM109.90, 60% discount

Bowls Gun toy RM16.90, 50% discount

2 Barney's dvd @ RM24.90 each with 10% discount.

Simple Dimple daiper bag! RM79.90 nett

Looking for this quite sometimes ago! Finally mommy got it at RM89 with 70% discount!

Hush Puppies shirt RM59.90, 60% discount
Hush Puppies shirt RM39.90, 60% discount

Hush Puppies shirt RM 49.90, 60% discount

Hush Puppies shirt RM43.90, 60% discount

Fisher Price toy RM239.90, 60% discount

Life at Klang!

In these 2 weeks time, what 2 of you did? Most of the time was watching tv, because there are some cartoon channel and some Barneys dad. And we went to Popular warehouse sales, went Bukit Tinggi J card day with 3rd gu gu, and pa pa brought us to fun fair too!! ;)

The thing we doing there everyday the same except the time we went out! Let's see some photos and videos taken druing that 2 weeks! ;)

Aiden likes to play with this Mega Blocks!

Pa pa setting up the toy that he bought for 2 of you!

Both of you enjoy looking at the car move around!
But it jst for few minutes! After that 2 of you started to touch the car!

Watching barney's show! Or maybe Kung Fu Panda cartoon!

So concentrared!

Fun fair @ Bukit Tinggi!

This ride make both of you cried badly! Mommy thought this ride not so scary because it just swing left and right! But never know 2 of you scared with it! Mommy even saw Aiden's face changed when the ship getting swing higher then started to cry! When almost the end, Aiden you eve used your hand to cover your eyes! No eye see!! :D

At popular warehouse sales! Both of you kept playing with 2 pretty jie jie! Kept running around!

Aiden kept hold jie jie's hand and walk around! When we going to leave, you make noise cause you not willing to leave them!! :s

This is 1 of the pretty jie jie!

Went Bukit Tinggi J card day with 3rd gu gu (pa pa's sister)! Aiden sitting in the troley, playing the underpants which gu gu wanted to buy for gu zhang!

Then, you wore it on your neck, wearing it like a shirt! :s Eden you also playing the same thing and same action when mommy put you into the trolley! :s

Showing pig face and shound when watching Kung Fu Panda!

Playing slide in the room!

Looking at the car moving!

Keep holding jie jie's hand and walk around @ Popular warehouse sales!

Running around in Nichii boutique when waiting 3rd gu gu on the J card day! We started to shop from around 3pm until 10.30pm!!! We really can shop huh??!! :p

Holding hand by hand!