Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things that we bought when shopping!

Nuby flip-it cups @ RM34.90 each.

Pa pa choose this toy for 2 of you @ RM39.90.

Bought a lots when Popular warehouse sales! Total spent RM122.20 with 3 books of pa pa.

ABC & 123 - RM7.15 with 80%, Nursery Rhymes Height - RM7.90 with 30% discount

Winnie The Pooh story book set - RM98 with 80% discount

123 magnectic board - RM7.90, ABC magnectic board - RM14.20 with 80%

Puzzle with name at the back - RM14.20 with 80% discount,
The shape book - RM35.60 with 80%

Top - RM10 x 3, Bottom - RM14.30 with 80% discount

Top Left - RM25.70, Top right - RM35.75, Bottom left - RM26.90, Bottom right - RM31.50
All with 80% discount.

Barney Color My World hard cover book- RM16.90 nett

Winnie the Pooh, Tiger and friends! 3 books for RM10.

Top (Number 1 - 10) - RM5.90 with 80% discount,
Left (ABC) - RM3.90,
Right (transportation) - RM8.90 with 80% discount

Pa pa got this Digimon toy RM 39.90 each with 80% discount.

Mega Bloks RM49.90, 70% discount

Fisher Price toy RM109.90, 60% discount

Bowls Gun toy RM16.90, 50% discount

2 Barney's dvd @ RM24.90 each with 10% discount.

Simple Dimple daiper bag! RM79.90 nett

Looking for this quite sometimes ago! Finally mommy got it at RM89 with 70% discount!

Hush Puppies shirt RM59.90, 60% discount
Hush Puppies shirt RM39.90, 60% discount

Hush Puppies shirt RM 49.90, 60% discount

Hush Puppies shirt RM43.90, 60% discount

Fisher Price toy RM239.90, 60% discount


  1. Wow...! Eden & Aiden are so lucky to get so many books and toys!

  2. Wow... are you trying to start a shop or something? Great buys! :-)

  3. thanks mommies for dropping by here!

    not start a shop or any business la... jst gt crazy when see the things are cheap... then end up... over spent and need to eat roti only for the whole month.... akaka...