Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Life at Klang!

In these 2 weeks time, what 2 of you did? Most of the time was watching tv, because there are some cartoon channel and some Barneys dad. And we went to Popular warehouse sales, went Bukit Tinggi J card day with 3rd gu gu, and pa pa brought us to fun fair too!! ;)

The thing we doing there everyday the same except the time we went out! Let's see some photos and videos taken druing that 2 weeks! ;)

Aiden likes to play with this Mega Blocks!

Pa pa setting up the toy that he bought for 2 of you!

Both of you enjoy looking at the car move around!
But it jst for few minutes! After that 2 of you started to touch the car!

Watching barney's show! Or maybe Kung Fu Panda cartoon!

So concentrared!

Fun fair @ Bukit Tinggi!

This ride make both of you cried badly! Mommy thought this ride not so scary because it just swing left and right! But never know 2 of you scared with it! Mommy even saw Aiden's face changed when the ship getting swing higher then started to cry! When almost the end, Aiden you eve used your hand to cover your eyes! No eye see!! :D

At popular warehouse sales! Both of you kept playing with 2 pretty jie jie! Kept running around!

Aiden kept hold jie jie's hand and walk around! When we going to leave, you make noise cause you not willing to leave them!! :s

This is 1 of the pretty jie jie!

Went Bukit Tinggi J card day with 3rd gu gu (pa pa's sister)! Aiden sitting in the troley, playing the underpants which gu gu wanted to buy for gu zhang!

Then, you wore it on your neck, wearing it like a shirt! :s Eden you also playing the same thing and same action when mommy put you into the trolley! :s

Showing pig face and shound when watching Kung Fu Panda!

Playing slide in the room!

Looking at the car moving!

Keep holding jie jie's hand and walk around @ Popular warehouse sales!

Running around in Nichii boutique when waiting 3rd gu gu on the J card day! We started to shop from around 3pm until 10.30pm!!! We really can shop huh??!! :p

Holding hand by hand!


  1. hey nice wedding pic

    A smile from SJ =)

  2. Aiyo, they're so kwai by just touching the car only. If for my boy, the whole thing wrecked!! Dismantle every pieces!