Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 little boys!

Hahaha... Eden & Aiden wearing wai gong's shirt!! Now, everynight when 2 of you make noise, want to go out from the house, yi yi will ask you go and take wai gong's shirt, wallet & handphone. Then 2 of you will run into wai gong's room to take all these thing! But for sure your height are not enough tall to reach the things, yi yi will carry either 1 of you to take it. Then pass it to wai gong 1 by 1! ;)

These 2 photo were taken just now when we at the small karaoke shop that wai po always go there to practice her singing skill! Aiden you was so happy and excited when went in. Because you saw a lots of lights surrounding you! (those big shining ball hanging in the middle and all the lights around it!) Eden you seem like 一脸茫然, like don't know what's hapenning! Look at your face in the picture!! :D

Stop for formula milk!

Last month, if mommy not mistaken, mommy bought the Isomil Plus formulated milk for 2 of you, right? Because 2 of you can't get to sleep well at night time, mommy thought you 2 not full enough, so mommy bought this to let you 2 try to drink full full and sleep. But the result came out was....... still the same!!!

Mommy just let 2 of you tried 1 or 2 weeks (can't remember clearly! ;p)! Since 2 of you still the same, can't sleep from night until morning, still want to suck suck when sleeping, so mommy know you can't sleep well is not because of hunger, 2 of you just want to suck suck! That's why mommy stop the formulated milk and save the money! ;p

Friday, August 28, 2009

That is watch!

2 days back, 2 of you requested mommy to show you flash card. So, mommy showed you ABC flash cards. As usual, you 2 just interested on the picture of the cards. So, mommy just show you the picture and teach you what is that. Surprisingly when mommy show you the watch picture, 2 of you point and hold at your wrist! Mommy don't know 2 of you are know that watch is wear on there or you just know when see this picture is hold your wrist!

Mommy told pa pa about this. He said he teach 2 of you this last week i think. That's why 2 of you know it! Good job Eden & Aiden! And pa pa too! Cause he teach you 2 that!! ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Went for check up!

Mommy brought E&A for the 18 months old check-up this morning! Eden weight is 9.3kgs and Aiden weight is 9.1kgs. This weight at this age consider small size but still in normal rage not under weight!

Today actually need to have an injection but mommy told the nurse about your 2 situation. Then she said only give the injection next check-up. So, the next check-up will fall on 1st of October.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Went to see Dr. Chan!!

As pa pa back too late on Saturday night. We only managed to bring E&A to see Dr. Chan on Sunday afternoon. Mommy decided to wake up at 8am morning but pa pa turn the alarm off and didn't wake mommy up, then HE ALSO BACK TO SLEEP AGAIN!!!! As he said wanted to wake up earlier then can bring 2 of you go to see doctor earlier! Who know........ Then when mommy woke up that time already 9.30am. Mommy faster wake pa pa up and nag nag him!! ;p Then we faster done everything and went to take breakfast with wai gong and wai po! After breakfast, we straight went to Dr. Chan's clinic @ Puchong.

We waited around 45minutes for our turn to see Dr. Chan. After he checked both of you, he said 2 of you breathing got sound, and Eden is more serious cause you got fever. Your air way got a bit infection, that's why you got fever. So, you cannot take cough medicine. Aiden is not as serious as Eden but 2 of you need to do the Nuberlizer gas treatment for 3 days.

Pa pa carried Aiden and mommy carried Eden. When the nurse put the mask on your face, you started to make noise. Eden, you kept wanted to pull down the mask then Aiden, you straight take the mask off from your face! Both of you started to cry loudly!! Pa pa can't get to hold Aiden, so after Eden only Aiden's turn. It was so hard when carry Aiden cause you kept struggle! Nurse also said you are really 'strong'!!! She told us that only need around 5 minutes for the treament but that time mommy felt that why the 5 minutes are so long???

Everyone looking at us when we out from the room! mommy think they just wonder what we doing in the room until 2 of you cried so badly!! After took the medicine and pay the bills, we went to a organic shop to buy a pack of millet then went back home.

Yesterday afternoon, wai gong brought us to Dr. Chan there, this time mommy asked gu po to go along cause mommy know 2 of you will cry badly and I can't handle you 2 by my own. And neither wai gong! But surprisingly, this time was better! Maybe gu po kept entertain you 2 with a ball! Eden didn't cry at all and you even can sit on the chair by your own when doing the treament! Aiden, you also not so bad. Why not so bad but not very good? Because you started to cry when the treament almost done! So, mommy hope the 3rd time also can as smooth as this time! But....

Today, wai gong brought us to Dr. Chan's clinic again. Gu po was going with us as well. Thought the treatment will run very smooth today. But Aiden. once you saw the mask near to you, you started to shake you hand and head! Telling us that you don't want that thing! Then you started to cry when mommy put the mask on your face! You cried until the whole treament done! Eden, you feel wanted to cry when see di di cried so badly! But you didn't cry because gu po keep play the ball with you! You even can play with gu po and laugh! Good boy!!

After the treament done, we wait to see Dr. Chan. Suddenly Eden fall down and the whole face knock on the floor! "Oh shit! This time must bleed a lot and don't know the teeth will drop or not!" This is the 1st thing in mommy's mind! Luckily your teeth are ok and the bleeding not so serious! After awhile, we went in the room to see Dr. Chan. He saw Eden cried so badly and asked what's happend! Mommy told him that you fall down then he said don't worry, the bleeding will stop when it dry! Then doctor check and listen to your breathing. He said the sound getting lesser! This is the good news! Then he wanted you 2 to take lung prevention medicine for 2 weeks! And since Eden air way getting better, he gave the cough and air way medicine! And more cough and phlegm medicine for Aiden cause the cough and phlegm maybe will last for 1 to 3 weeks! Just in case that the medicine not enough! But mommy think it's more than enough cause pa pa won't let you take too much medicine!

For these 3 days treament + concultant + medicine, pa pa need to pay RM536 (RM179 + RM36 + RM321)! So much!!! But as long as you 2 recover fast, how much we also willing to spend! 2 of your little chubby face looks smaller now!! Hope the cough and phlegm will 'go away' very soon!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ah tai's birthday dinner-22/08/09!

We celebrated ah tai's 70 years old birthday at a restaurant. Just a family dinner! When we finished all the dishes, mommy let 2 of you came down to walk around! For sure, this is the most happy time for you 2!!

There was 1 little boy celebrated his 1 year old birthday. Eden you was so happy when see the cake! I think you wanted to eat it! :D Then when the birthday song played, 2 of you started to clap hands! We didnt buy any cake for ah tai, so we didn't have any cake to eat! Never mind, lots of birthday are coming soon!!! So, we sure have some cake to eat!!! Actually is mommy wants to eat! Haha...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cough! Cough! Go away!!!

Hmmm... Cough! Please stay away from Eden & Aiden!! 2 of you started cough last 2 days and it seem like getting serious! Can hear the phlemg sound when you breath! Especially Eden! You have a mild fever since yesterday mid night! You can't sleep well and keep awake! Mommy can feel your forehead and body is so warm! And your breathing is so 'rush'! Since you cant sleep well, mommy gave you some fever medicine. After taken medicine, you back to sleep in short while. But this morning you fever again! So, mommy decide to bring you 2 to see Dr. Chan before we go to ah tai's 69th years old birthday!

But! Now already 5.45pm! Your pa pa still not yet reach home from work!! Already asked him to come back early rhis afternoon! But till now still not yet see him!! :s Hope 2 of you recover very soon after see Dr. Chan!!

Watching 水果冰淇淋!

These few days, mommy let you 2 watch your favourite tv programme in youtube - 水果冰淇淋!Just because now everytime when you wake up from nap, already missed the show time! See! how 2 of you enjoying the show!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

3rd hair cut!

After shaved hair when full moon, Eden & Aiden no need any hair cut until 13 June 2009. That was the 2nd hair cut since born! Cause your hair are so little and grow very slow! Mommy never mind about this cause you save mommy's money for the hair cut! :D When the 2nd hair cut, Eden kept make noise and didn't want to let Ah Mei jie jie (jiu jiu's girl friend) touch his head! Aiden just sit quietly and let Ah Mei jie jie cut his hair! But when the saver come, 2 of you kept want to see the saver and make Ah Mei jie jie hard to cut your hair! Overall, 2 of you are good boys cause didn't cry! Mommy proud of you! ;)

(This photo was taken when the 2nd hair cut! This is Aiden!)

So, yesterday night, after dinner, pa pa wanted to have a hair cut! His hair really long and looks like 'sa kai'! Mommy already complaint so many times!! And since 2 of your hair at ear side are long too, mommy asked Ah Mei jie jie to cut a bit of it! Can this consider your 3rd hair cut? Because she only cut a little bit of the hair at ear side! This time 2 of you didn't cry and even didn't make noise! Good boy!! Maybe because we done it at home and in the TOILET!! Haha....

(Eden, so good boy, let Ah Mei jie jie cut your hair!)

(Aiden, Ah Mei jie jie said you are so smart! Every time when she touch your head you'll turn to other side!)

(Then, this is pa pa! Use old news paper to cover his body!This is his idea! So funny! I think I saw this before in tv!))

Join wai po in line dance class!

Yesterday night, before we went for dinner, we need to fetch wai po that she was in her line dance class! When we reach there, wai po not yet finish her class! So, mommy let 2 of you down to 'dance' with wai po! Aiden was the most happy because you really like to 'dance' every time when we go there! Let's see how 2 of you 'dance'! :D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New cloth diapers!

Waiting for so long, finally the 4 sets of cloth diaper arrived on mommies hand last Thursday morning! 2 of you got 6 cloth diapers (yellow stripe, pink stripe, yellow, ocean blue, green & red) now and mommy knows it'll not enough for daily use! If you keep poo poo in it!! :D

But, this batch of cloth diaper seem like not as good as old one! It's leak after few hours you wore it and the old cloth diapers didn't have this problem! Hmm... Some MP mommies said the insert absorbency is better after few washes! Never mind! Let's try it a few times and see how. Maybe it still new, after few washes might be ok???

Monday, August 17, 2009

Great grandma 80th birthday!

Last Sunday, we celebrated 'wai po tai' (great grandma, wai po's mother) 80th birthday at restaurant. It was a buffet style dinner. So, mommy can let 2 of you walk around in the restaurant after your dinner! I think 2 of you were really enjoyed that night cause you kepty walk here and there! This is the thing that you like most for this moment!! You went on stage when every ko ko and jie jie singing and dancing there. You wanted to join them too! Later on was the birthday song with a big cake! 2 of you were so happy when see that! Mommy knew you wanted to eat the cake! When eveyone sang the birthday song with clap hands, you 2 were oso clap hands together! Now, everytime mommy sing this birthday song, you will clap hands with a sweet smile! After wai po tai cut the cake, there was a cha cha and disco time, some yi po and biao yi were dance together! You 2 were so excited and wanted to dance with them! And Eden you requested wai po to carry you to dance!!

Overall, we had a very quality time that night! Mommy get to met some yi po and biao yi that only see them once or twice a year!! ;)

(Jack Jack biao jiu holding Eden's hands to dance!)

(Aiden, don't know why you kept stick with Yeung Boy biao jiu.)

(Who you looking at?? Must be someone dance very funny infront of you!)

(Eden, you wanted to dance with wai po!)

(Hmm... I think the music were too loud that make you close your ear!)

Pa pa & mommy went "pak toh"!

Last Saturday, pa pa & mommy went to Ikano Power Centre to redeem the prizes that E&A won in the Disney Baby Pooh Fair Candid Photo Contest! Because the H1N1 virus getting serious now, so we decided not to bring 2 of you go along! We left 2 of you with gu po around 5pm. This is the 1st time we go shopping without you!! Thought mommy can really enjoy my shopping time, but...

Below are the results board and the prizes' photo. Too bad mommy cant get anything that can keep as memory for this moment!

When mommy shop around in the shopping mall, all the shop i went to have a look were toys shop, baby boutique, book store & etc... Mommy didn't really shop for my own things! Mommy only went into Primavera shop cause I saw some great discount for the shoes! After i went into the shop and have a look, mommy saw a pair of shoe and ask pa pa is the shoe nice. And surprisingly pa pa said not bad!!! Then mommy faster ask pa pa buy for me! Haha.. Know why? Because pa pa seldom says nice on any shoes that mommy bought before!! He is very picky on ladies shoe! I think this is the 1st time that he said nice from his heart after thinking on it! :D And mommy bought a set of bibs for 2 of you. Since Eden is good in self-feed, so mommy got this type of bib to let you use! But you seem like not really like it and feel like it is disturbing you when you scoop the porridge and put into your mouth!

Pa pa kept ask mommy to call back home to ask your situation! He worried that 2 of you keep naughty! And worried all the ah yi & jiu jiu give those unhealthy snack for you to eat! This is your pa pa! ;) Mommy asked pa pa don't worry too much! I'm so hard to have these few hours 'leave', please let me enjoy my shopping! Even though mommy knew that was impossible!
Pa pa kept looked around for the toys to buy for you! He feel like guilty because didn't bring 2 of you go along! At last he got these 3 cheap toys but not really cheap for you! He knows 2 of you like the color cube so much, so he bought this, and the 'ball' was mommy wanted to buy many months ago when we went Petaling street last time! And the plane seem interesting so pa pa also agree to buy it! These 3 cost RM32!

See!! This is pa pa & mommy 1st time wearing a face mask when shopping! So, mommy faster snap it down before we take it off! :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New education toys/book!!






The soft toy got ABC and 123 on it! And the Munchkin's toys is for E&A to play when swim! can put water in and squize it out! RM52.10 for these 2 toys.


When we still thinking to buy this pop up book set, Eden tear off 1 pc of it! So, no choice! We have to buy it! And the soft block, 4 pcs sewed together, got 1 -6 number on it, have to turn the 4 pcs of blocks then only can get another number! RM77.90 for these 2 toys.

Hi to walk, bye to crawl!

They totally say 'bye' to crawl at 16++ - 17 months, consider very late!! But the old folks said "if baby walk late, mean their life is very good!". Hope this is true! Cause if E&A's life are good, my life will be good too!! Don't you think so?? Hahaha....

Hmm... now a bit miss the time they crawl! Like Aiden's 'lion dance' crawl, Eden's 'pig face' crawl...... :D

See!! They 'running' around in the 8/8/09 International Breastfeed Event & Anggugu 2 years anniversary!

Monday, August 10, 2009

You help me, I help you!

Why this title is "you help me, I help you"? Because recently when either of them fall down or knock on something, the other will go and 'smack' the thing!! Eden do this lont times ago but Aiden just started these few weeks!! :D

The International Breastfeed Week 2009 & 2 Anniversary of Anggugu Forum!

Last Sunday, we went to join this International Breastfeed Week Event & 2nd Anniversary Of Anggugu Forum at Jupiter Hall, Global Business Park, PJ! Organised by Anggugu Forum! 1 of the programme were 1 minute breastfeed with all breastfeed mommies! for sure i can't miss this programme! What a meaningful event!!

We reached there around 10.30am. There are some stalls selling mommy & babies' stuff! Around 11am, the 1minute breastfeed programme started! Before the 'start' announcement, Eden already started suck suck! He just cant wait for it! :D After Eden, then Aiden's turn! ;)

We stayed there until 2.30pm, cause they started to feel tired and sleepy! I think they really had a very nice day because they can keep walk around in the hall!! They got some balloons from clown, but Aiden scared to clown! He kept shaking his head when see him! Eden kept get close with the children around and kept touch/took their toys/balloons! He will just go here and there by his own and never feel scare!!

I interviewed by a reporter of Feminine mag (Feng Chai)! And their photographer did take some E&A's photo! Hope can see it in the coming issue! Overall this event was run very successful and we really enjoyed it!! ;)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Riding on 'horse'!

They like to ride on the 'horse' so much!!! The token machine horse is their favourite game! ;)

Lets hug hug!!

Let's see what E&A did yesterday night when we at 佛堂.
Don't know why they just went to hug this Xin Yee jie jie (daugther of my secondary school classmate) that sitting there when we reached there!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wai gong came back!!!

Last 2 week wai gong went to China for 8 days! E&A didnt see him for so many days and miss him so much! When I asked Eden :"You miss wai gong or not?" He straight nodded his head and clap clap his hand then straight his hand up! Telling me he wants wai gong's hug hug!!! Asked him for few times he also did the same thing!

Finally, after so many days, wai gong came back in one afternoon!! They are so happy, kept clap clap hand and brought their hands high, wanted wai gong 'bao bao' (cuddle)!!! Wai gong were so happy when see that!! ;)

'Helping' mommy!

When they can really help me to clean the house but not 'ka ka cau cau'?? ;p

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Try on new shoe at shopping mall & formulated milk before sleep

Today we went to Alamanda Putrajaya (Carrefour) shopping again! Gu po told me that she wanted to go today cause there is a bonuslink member day at Parkson! So, we just go with her! For sure, I let E&A wore the new shoe! Before this we only carried them or let them sit in the stroller or shopping trolley when shopping cause the shoe that wai po bought is too big! So, today I can let them down!!!

When we at Parkson, I let them down cause they start to make noise. Once they went down, fuyoh!!! The were so so so happy!!!! Kept walk here and there with happy laughing!! Very excited! Then im the one who need to chase them until called gu po's help! Cause she was busy with the promoter.

After awhile I placed them back in the stroller, they forgot about that they can walk while shopping. So we just continue shopped with carried / push them. Then when I let them down again in shop, they started again!!! Haha... this time they didn't want to back to stroller or let us carry! When I carried Eden, he kept push me away that he wanted to go down to walk! Really headache! Early I already know this will happend! Cause they always like this, once they know the thing that they can eat, do, play or whatever, they will request for it again when see it! :s

Today i bought a formulated milk - Isomil, just to let them try to drink. I bought this before but only used it to mix with oat or corn flakes. Since they always cant sleep well or make noise when sleep, keep want to suck suck, maybe my breast milk not enough? Don't care lah... just try whatever way that maybe can let them sleep well! So I won't be always lose patient! Now I always like this - day time like angel, night time like monster! :(

Just now let them tried to drink, (before this i did let them tried once but they not really accept the taste. Just drank around 50ml only if i not mistaken.) they seem like quite like it. Eventhough they still the same - can't lie on bed until the milk finish, but they can finished 125ml that i make for them! The result - seem like still the same, still keep make noise when sleep. Maybe 125ml not enough?? I still breastfeed them when they want to sleep! Nevermind, will try to increase the milk volume and see how! :s