Saturday, August 1, 2009

Finally, the Helloyaya shoes are here!

(This is what Angel (the seller) used to pack the shoes, Aiden open his big mouth and Eden pointed to the biscuits container that i use to keep biscuit when the saw this! They wanted to eat biscuit!!!)

Wait for around 2 months, the Helloyaya soft sole shoes finally reached my hand this morning, 31st July 2009! I faster 'gau tim' E&A (bath, breakfast....) then only open the package. Oh shit! The shoe were different with what i want! Then I faster sms Angel (who I bought the shoe from.), then she told me that my order number is that! She checked back the email! Oh... I really 'sotong' this time... Lucky was this design that i got now is one of my choice, last time changed other design cuase worry it will get dirt easily! Go a big round, still got back this design, FATE!! Hehe...

So, once i open, I let E&A tried on it. The quality is very good! Very soft! Like didnt put on shoe at all. Cause they walk like normal, didnt walk like got something on their leg! The shoe im very happy with it! Just the size abit loose but never mind cause can wear for longer time! ;)

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