Friday, August 21, 2009

3rd hair cut!

After shaved hair when full moon, Eden & Aiden no need any hair cut until 13 June 2009. That was the 2nd hair cut since born! Cause your hair are so little and grow very slow! Mommy never mind about this cause you save mommy's money for the hair cut! :D When the 2nd hair cut, Eden kept make noise and didn't want to let Ah Mei jie jie (jiu jiu's girl friend) touch his head! Aiden just sit quietly and let Ah Mei jie jie cut his hair! But when the saver come, 2 of you kept want to see the saver and make Ah Mei jie jie hard to cut your hair! Overall, 2 of you are good boys cause didn't cry! Mommy proud of you! ;)

(This photo was taken when the 2nd hair cut! This is Aiden!)

So, yesterday night, after dinner, pa pa wanted to have a hair cut! His hair really long and looks like 'sa kai'! Mommy already complaint so many times!! And since 2 of your hair at ear side are long too, mommy asked Ah Mei jie jie to cut a bit of it! Can this consider your 3rd hair cut? Because she only cut a little bit of the hair at ear side! This time 2 of you didn't cry and even didn't make noise! Good boy!! Maybe because we done it at home and in the TOILET!! Haha....

(Eden, so good boy, let Ah Mei jie jie cut your hair!)

(Aiden, Ah Mei jie jie said you are so smart! Every time when she touch your head you'll turn to other side!)

(Then, this is pa pa! Use old news paper to cover his body!This is his idea! So funny! I think I saw this before in tv!))

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