Friday, August 28, 2009

That is watch!

2 days back, 2 of you requested mommy to show you flash card. So, mommy showed you ABC flash cards. As usual, you 2 just interested on the picture of the cards. So, mommy just show you the picture and teach you what is that. Surprisingly when mommy show you the watch picture, 2 of you point and hold at your wrist! Mommy don't know 2 of you are know that watch is wear on there or you just know when see this picture is hold your wrist!

Mommy told pa pa about this. He said he teach 2 of you this last week i think. That's why 2 of you know it! Good job Eden & Aiden! And pa pa too! Cause he teach you 2 that!! ;)

1 comment:

  1. clever E&A!!! Intelligent boys! :)

    wah....... mali hom! your BM also got 4xDHA leh.... huhuhu... Kambateh!! :D