Monday, August 24, 2009

Ah tai's birthday dinner-22/08/09!

We celebrated ah tai's 70 years old birthday at a restaurant. Just a family dinner! When we finished all the dishes, mommy let 2 of you came down to walk around! For sure, this is the most happy time for you 2!!

There was 1 little boy celebrated his 1 year old birthday. Eden you was so happy when see the cake! I think you wanted to eat it! :D Then when the birthday song played, 2 of you started to clap hands! We didnt buy any cake for ah tai, so we didn't have any cake to eat! Never mind, lots of birthday are coming soon!!! So, we sure have some cake to eat!!! Actually is mommy wants to eat! Haha...

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  1. E & A is so cute with the baseball handsome. Hee hee I think mommy will have her birthday cake later next month - sure E & A will be happy to see daddy & mommy singing the birthday song together ^_^