Saturday, August 1, 2009

Try on new shoe at shopping mall & formulated milk before sleep

Today we went to Alamanda Putrajaya (Carrefour) shopping again! Gu po told me that she wanted to go today cause there is a bonuslink member day at Parkson! So, we just go with her! For sure, I let E&A wore the new shoe! Before this we only carried them or let them sit in the stroller or shopping trolley when shopping cause the shoe that wai po bought is too big! So, today I can let them down!!!

When we at Parkson, I let them down cause they start to make noise. Once they went down, fuyoh!!! The were so so so happy!!!! Kept walk here and there with happy laughing!! Very excited! Then im the one who need to chase them until called gu po's help! Cause she was busy with the promoter.

After awhile I placed them back in the stroller, they forgot about that they can walk while shopping. So we just continue shopped with carried / push them. Then when I let them down again in shop, they started again!!! Haha... this time they didn't want to back to stroller or let us carry! When I carried Eden, he kept push me away that he wanted to go down to walk! Really headache! Early I already know this will happend! Cause they always like this, once they know the thing that they can eat, do, play or whatever, they will request for it again when see it! :s

Today i bought a formulated milk - Isomil, just to let them try to drink. I bought this before but only used it to mix with oat or corn flakes. Since they always cant sleep well or make noise when sleep, keep want to suck suck, maybe my breast milk not enough? Don't care lah... just try whatever way that maybe can let them sleep well! So I won't be always lose patient! Now I always like this - day time like angel, night time like monster! :(

Just now let them tried to drink, (before this i did let them tried once but they not really accept the taste. Just drank around 50ml only if i not mistaken.) they seem like quite like it. Eventhough they still the same - can't lie on bed until the milk finish, but they can finished 125ml that i make for them! The result - seem like still the same, still keep make noise when sleep. Maybe 125ml not enough?? I still breastfeed them when they want to sleep! Nevermind, will try to increase the milk volume and see how! :s

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