Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stop for formula milk!

Last month, if mommy not mistaken, mommy bought the Isomil Plus formulated milk for 2 of you, right? Because 2 of you can't get to sleep well at night time, mommy thought you 2 not full enough, so mommy bought this to let you 2 try to drink full full and sleep. But the result came out was....... still the same!!!

Mommy just let 2 of you tried 1 or 2 weeks (can't remember clearly! ;p)! Since 2 of you still the same, can't sleep from night until morning, still want to suck suck when sleeping, so mommy know you can't sleep well is not because of hunger, 2 of you just want to suck suck! That's why mommy stop the formulated milk and save the money! ;p

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