Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twins gathering

In these few months, we had joined for 2 twins gathering! 1 is on 24/10/10 and 1 is on 5/12/10. On 24/10, this is a big twins gathering. We can call it as event?? :p As we got some media from TV and magazine came along to report about our gathering! That is Astro - U report programme. And the magazine media are 妈妈宝宝and Feminine 风采. Total we had 26 pairs of twins joined on this gathering! Everyone were very enjoy and all the kids were having lots of fun during the gathering as we held it at a playground at Hartamas Shopping Mall, Sri Hartamas. On 5/12/10, we have another small twins gathering at Damansara Utama. All the mommies have a good chat as this time only few families join for the gathering! No media! No interview!! :)

Cameron Highland from 21 to 26 Nov 2010

We went to Cameron Highland again! And this time we stayed there for 6 days 5 nights! The longest stay ever.... :)

This time mommy joined a camp (22 - 25 Nov 2010) organized by 佛堂. During the camp, gu po, Yi Hwa ah yi and some kor kor take turn to take care 2 of you! Really have to say thanks to them! Mommy had to wake up early in the morning around 5.30am as the camp started at 6.30am and left 2 of you who still in deep sleep on the bed with gu po at 6am! Around lunch time gu po brought you 2 to camp area. (We stayed at different place with other camp members which we stayed at Tanah Rata and they stayed at Habu, Ringlet.) After lunch, mommy brought 2 of you to take a nap at Ah Wei biao yi's room. When reach the time, mommy left 2 of you to nap with gu po and back to the camp! That was a 4 days camp. In these 4 days, 2 of you consider behave and not too naughty! Sometimes when sing and dance time, you 2 joined in to dance together! :) Mommy can enjoyed when in the camp and this have to thanks to everyone that look after you 2 during the 4 days!

We only back home on the next day after the end of the 4 days camp! As everyone was very tired and mommy had to drive all the way back from Cameron Highland. So, we rest there for another day! :)
P/S: Videos and photos posted at Facebook.


Recently, 2 of you start very talkative! Sometimes will talk like an adult! Don't know where did you 2 learn from! But sometimes pronounce is not clear when talk too! Normally that time only mommy understand what you 2 talking about! Sometimes even mommy also have to think and think then only get what you 2 talking about! :)

As usual, 2 of you play together, eat together, sleep together and of cause fight together everyday! When you 2 fight for a toy, mommy will say take turn to play and you 2 will follow as what mommy said! You 2 willing to share with each other but not every time! You 2 like to go shopping the most! Because there has playground that you 2 love so much!! When we ask where you 2 want to go, you 2 will say "shopping!!!" or "Genting Highland!!!". :)

Eden, you still no show any interest on learning alphabet or numbers. Mommy also never force you to learn it. You are active! You like to play, run, jump...... You have a good imagination! You can use anything around you to play as your toys! You will play it like a train or car! These 2 you like the most! You like to sing too! You can sing quite a lot of songs but with the blur lyrics! :D

Aiden, you have a good memory! You can remember the thing after mommy teach you once or twice! Now you can correctly tell the alphabets and numbers on the car number plate! You know how to unlock the iPhone screen even its lock with password! Now you are more fierce compare to last time! You will fight back to Eden when Eden wants to snatch you toy or when you 2 fighting for a toy!

2 of you now can remember 2 phrase of 三字经, 96 words in 1 phrase, total 192 words. 1 和 2 的乘法表! Actually all these mommy didn't teach you much. Just let you 2 watch these video sometimes and not always! You 2 just surprised mommy with what you 2 can remember! :)

Mommy don't want much, just wish 2 of you grow healthy and happily!! :)