Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cameron Highland from 21 to 26 Nov 2010

We went to Cameron Highland again! And this time we stayed there for 6 days 5 nights! The longest stay ever.... :)

This time mommy joined a camp (22 - 25 Nov 2010) organized by 佛堂. During the camp, gu po, Yi Hwa ah yi and some kor kor take turn to take care 2 of you! Really have to say thanks to them! Mommy had to wake up early in the morning around 5.30am as the camp started at 6.30am and left 2 of you who still in deep sleep on the bed with gu po at 6am! Around lunch time gu po brought you 2 to camp area. (We stayed at different place with other camp members which we stayed at Tanah Rata and they stayed at Habu, Ringlet.) After lunch, mommy brought 2 of you to take a nap at Ah Wei biao yi's room. When reach the time, mommy left 2 of you to nap with gu po and back to the camp! That was a 4 days camp. In these 4 days, 2 of you consider behave and not too naughty! Sometimes when sing and dance time, you 2 joined in to dance together! :) Mommy can enjoyed when in the camp and this have to thanks to everyone that look after you 2 during the 4 days!

We only back home on the next day after the end of the 4 days camp! As everyone was very tired and mommy had to drive all the way back from Cameron Highland. So, we rest there for another day! :)
P/S: Videos and photos posted at Facebook.

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