Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twins gathering

In these few months, we had joined for 2 twins gathering! 1 is on 24/10/10 and 1 is on 5/12/10. On 24/10, this is a big twins gathering. We can call it as event?? :p As we got some media from TV and magazine came along to report about our gathering! That is Astro - U report programme. And the magazine media are 妈妈宝宝and Feminine 风采. Total we had 26 pairs of twins joined on this gathering! Everyone were very enjoy and all the kids were having lots of fun during the gathering as we held it at a playground at Hartamas Shopping Mall, Sri Hartamas. On 5/12/10, we have another small twins gathering at Damansara Utama. All the mommies have a good chat as this time only few families join for the gathering! No media! No interview!! :)

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