Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hows Aiden looks after tried the orange juice...

Everytime after Aiden drink some green apple juice, he will show us 'ahhhh'... Like the drink very nice. If abit sour (cause without sugar) he will 'da lang zhan' tim... Hehe... Let see how he looks like after try the orange juice! This is the 1st time he tried this!! Funny!!

Eden getting better in self-feeding!!

These 2 days, Eden managed to eat almost whole bowl of porridge by himself even though I didn't let him eat by himself everyday! Only once a while! I only fed him 2 or 3 spoon! The rest he can finished by himself! But of course, I need to monitor him. And I not dare to give him the whole bowl, only put 3 spoons of porridge in his bowl, after he finish then I only refill it! Well done, Eden! Feel so happy and warm when see he can feed by himself! Feel like he big boy already! Haha.... Mommy... Eden still have a long long way to become big boy!! ;p

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy twin won the 1st prize in Disney Baby Pooh Fair Candid Photo Contest!! ;)

This is the photo that i sent to participated! with a candid caption but i cant remember it. Its somthing like this - Kor kor :"yummy yummy!!" Di di :"Hmmm... can I have somemore??"

Just now when I were at down stair, I asked wai po whether got any of my letter. Wai po said yes and passed me the letter. From the envelope, I know it was from Hytex Group - WOC Boutique S/B. At first I thought it was just a member invitation letter, so I just open it to see! After I read, wow!!! E&A won the 1st prize in their Disney Baby Pooh Fair Candid Photo Contest!!! This is the 1st time they won in this kind of contest! Before this all won are based on voting! Mommy so happy today!!! ;) I already forgot about this contest! Never think about it after I posted out the photo!! What a big surprised for today!! ;) So, the prizes are RM300 Hytex cash voucher + hamper worth RM100!! Mommy can buy something for my little Happy Twin with that voucher!!! Hooorrraayyy!!! ;)

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Toy-Aqua Doodle

Yesterday night, after dinner with wai po, we went carrefour shopping with 'xiao jiu jiu' (my youngest brother)! We reached there quite late, around 8.45pm, so we rush to get all the things we need to buy!

1st thing were the pillow for E&A. Because pa pa said, they will sleep more comfort if the head on pillow, like us! What pa pa said is true also cause I cant sleep without a pillow! So I stop at baby section in Carrefour. While I searching around for the better pillow, pa pa was looking around at the toys section! He found the doodle board that I told him before I want to buy for E&A. (Why I told him so many times the thing I want he never remember???? :[ ) After I got the pillows & bolster, he asked me to choose the board! I looked around and took a Disney Winnie The Pooh design board. Then pa pa had a look on it and I told him that was a magnetic doodle board. Once he know that is a magnetic doodle board, he asked me to see whether got another type of board or not. He said magnetic type got lots of 'steel powder' in it. That's why it can use magnet for writing! And it is for aged 3 and above!! At last we bought the aqua doodle. It use water to write! And it suitable for baby 18 months and above! So, it is save for E&A! But the price is double of the magnetic doodle, RM47.90.

After that we went down to buy some groceries. We finish shopped at 10pm. Then pa pa went to cashier to pay. Xiao jiu jiu & I brought E&A to play their favourite game - horse token machine. They were so happy when riding on it!! After that we went to meet pa pa. Pa pa told me we spent more than RM300 in that one hour and 15 mins time!! :D Really can't belive we can spent so much money in a very rush time!!! :p (Pa pa, we know you are very tired in earning money! But we didn't buy useless thing!! we love you so much!! ;p)

After back home, pa pa let E&A played the aqua doodle. Oh shit! there were only 1 pen in it!!! They kept fight for the pen! Then pa pa came out with an idea! Use cotton buds and wet it, then can use to write! ;) Babies, hope you like the aqua doodle that we bought for you. Enjoy writting!!! ;)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Eden & Aiden :"pa pa"!!

Just now, E&A were watching tv. Tv showing a drama advertisement. At the end of the adv., a lady say :"ni shi si jie shang zui hao de ba ba". Then suddenly i heard both of them say:"ba ba"!! Haha... I requested them to say again. They did it!! They can call very clearly!! Then they show me a shy smile! :D

Another advertisement is Darlie toothpaste. Once Aiden see this adv, he sure will make a 'muacks' kiss!! Because some people in this adv making 'muacks' kiss!! ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aiden bite Eden!

Just now, before E&A nap, they were playing together with some toys! Suddenly i heard a loud crying sound! I faster look at them. OMG... Eden's finger was in Aiden's mouth!! I ran to them, then press Aiden's face to make him open his mouth! Eden's little finger was bitten. A teeth mark was at his finger, now turn red. Aiden was cry too, after i press his face. He was so 'mang zhang' that time! Maybe they fight for the toys!

Hmm... I think I have to always sit beside them when they playing around! Hope it won't happend again! because it's really hurt! Myself already can't 'tahan' the pain!! Their teeth are really sharp!!!

Today i asked Eden to say "nien nien". But he only managed to say "ie ie, ia ia..." When he request for nien nien. I asked him :"what is this?" He answer me:"ie ie..." :s

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eden 'acting'!!

Eden like to do funny faces infront of camera!!!

We playing 'drum'!!! ;p

Man very 'yau yeng' (smart) when playing drum!! But 2 of you can't stand with 'yau yeng' yet! Too young to be a man! Still a little baby of mommy! Haha... Mommy can play drum! Went for drum class until level 3. Stop it because 2 of you in my tummy! :D Future if you interested on this, mommy sure will send you to drum class! Be a 'yau yeng' MAN!!! Hahaha... :D

Peek a poo!!

Aiden likes to play 'peek a poo' very much!! He can laugh until 'ki ki ka ka' for very long time!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Having fun with the ball!!

Eden kicking the ball!! He going to say bye bye to 'crawl' soon! Today he walk most of the time!! From living room to kitchen, from kitchen to bed room.... keep walking around with holding a toy!!! ;) Well done, baby!!! ;)

Monday, July 20, 2009

1 Utama!!

Yesterday, gu po, 2 biao yi and us went to 1 Utama to support An Ju biao jiu! He joined the dodge ball competition! E&A love to c people playing ball! We reached there around 2.30pm, then watched An Ju biao jiu played for 1 match! After that, we went to shop around!

Gu po wanted to buy a pair of shoe! She looking around at shoe department in Parkson. So, we just sat there and wait for her. After awhile, E&A wanted to go down to walk! Since there was not many people around, we just let them down with bare foot. Once they went down, they were so happy!! Then, they went to take all the shoe down!! And Aiden trying to put the shoe on his foot!! I was so busy to put back the shoe!! :s Since there kept messed the place, so we just brought them away to walk around. Eden was so unhappy and kept want to go down to walk. But for sure I wont let him down again since he was not wearing shoes.

Around 5pm, we went back the place to watch An Ju biao jiu's team fight for the 3rd place! Yeah!! they won the 3rd place and got RM1000 prizes! Well done An Ju biao jiu!!!

Eden started to call "pa-pa" since yesterday! Hubby sure very happy when hear it! He, kept requested Eden to call him! Haha...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Eden fell down!!

Yesterday night, when i prepared to take shower, i were in the room to take my shirt. Suddenly i heard Eden cried loudly! I knew there must something happened on him and he felt hurt! So, I went out to see him! According to gu po (she was here waiting her daugther for the volleyball training), he is trying to sit on a toy, then he fell with his face down. So, he hit his mouth on the floor. His mouth bleeding but not serious. Then his mouth swollen! :s

Happy Twin in the wheel barrow!! ;)

They are so enjoy when 'jiu jiu' (my brother) pushing them go in and out of the shop!! ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eden singing!!

These 2 days Eden keep singing! Don't know why his mood so good!! He will start to sing whenever he hold a thing is round, a bit long, he treat it as mic! Sometimes if we ask him to sing, he will stick his thumb and 2nd finger, put infront of his mouth then sing! When he see people singing, he will do the same thing! Lately, he will add some 'shou yu' (dance according the song lyrics) when sing! But of coz he 'cincai' dance 1! Hahaha...

How Eden & Aiden walk!!

Eden 'mabuk' walking. This time were better! Sometimes lagi mabuk!! haha...

The 1st 1 is Eden, Aiden is the 2nd 1, kept fall down! He cant walk as far as Eden. And he always crawl with head like lion dance!! hehe...

Playing on wai gong's Mitsubishi Storm!

This evening, E&A were playing on wai gong's car again!! Everytime after they play at there, the whole body are soooo dirty! Hands and legs are in black color!! :s Hmm... Just let them be, sometimes babies are need to expose to this kind of condition, so future there wont feel "yeee... dirty!! yerrrrr.... dirty!!!" even just a little bit dirty! ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Improvement of Happy Twin!!

- (Before & Now) -

This evening, since wai po & wai gong were so busy,so we went to ah tai's (greatgrandmom) house! E&A like to go there too. Because there have Ah Chao jiu jiu & Yi Hwa ah yi (my cousins, they call them jiu jiu & ah yi) to play with them!

Recently, they keep walking! After they fall, they will stand n walk again! But mainly they still crawl around! today at ah tai's house, they can walk longer! Especially Eden. He can walk quite far! But, walk like those people who drunk! Walk like 'mabuk mabuk'!! haha... Maybe ah tai's house has a big living room, so they can keep walking!

Yi Hwa ah yi brought out their toys - toy car that can ride on it! A 1 year old birthday gift from some relatives! Before this we let them ride once awhile. Cause their legs are not long enough, so they will put their leg beside the steering, then let us push them! Really tiring, so I didnt let them ride on it for many months! Today, they can ride on it by themself! They even can go up and down by themself! But after awhile, they started less interested on ride it. They started to push the toy car and run!!! :s

At night, before we back home, we went to meet wai po. She was in the line dance class! I brought them went few times before. That few times i just carried them. Never let them down. But got 1 time i let Aiden down! He was so happy and hold my finger walking around like he is dancing! Just now Aiden was went down to 'dance' again! This time he really like 'copying' those aunties who are dancing! He moved few steps, then fall, then stand up again and move! Haha.. Eden was tired, feel sleepy, so he not willing to go down!!

These few days, they like to copy what people doing. Like this evening, Ah Chao jiu jiu doing some funny action, Eden kept looking at him. Then he started to do what Ah Chao jiu jiu did! When in the room, Ah Chao jiu jiu show them 'da guan dou' (roll body by head?), they also follow what he is doing! Aiden can slight move but 'senget' to the side, and Eden only managed to roll side to side by his body!! Very bad i didnt take a picture or video for that!! :(

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aiden with bra!!

This really make me LOL!! Aiden suddenly came out from wai po's room with a bra on him!!! Wai po wore it on him! So, I faster got my handphone n snap a pic for him!! wahaha...

Last 2 days, Im holding a bra and asked Aiden :" What is this?" Then he pointed to his chest!!! Mean he really know what is that! Maybe because i use to breastfeed them so long time already, so they seen it everyday!! ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Funny Time~~

Yesterday night, me, hubby , E&A were 'playing' in the room. We realized Eden doesnt let anyone hug me! He jealous!!! Papa hug me, he pushed him away! So, papa started to 'fool' him! He kept hug me, face stick to my face. When Eden saw it, he will point to papa, shaking his head and shout :"uh!!!!". Then he will come to us and push papa away!! Whenever papa hug me, when he see it, he will do the same thing!! So, I asked him :" Can papa hug mommy, kiss mommy?" He shaked his head! I asked again :" Can korkor (Eden) hug mommy, kiss mommy?" He nodd his head and hug me!!! Aiden just copying what Eden do! He also came to me and hug me!

Recently, when Eden doing something and want whoever attention to see what he is doing, he will wave his hand and 'call' that person :"Eiii!!!!". Very impolite! Call people "Ei!". But very cute!! Baby, when you can talk very good that time, you can't call people "Ei!" anymore!! Must be a polite and good baby!!! Mommy and papa always love 2 of you!!! ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

At gu po's house for few days!!

Suet Wei biao yi in holidays, so we can stay at gu po's house for few days! For sure, E&A are very happy!! Thursday, we went to 'xiao jiu jiu' (my youngest brother), Ah Guan jiu jiu & An Jie biao jiu (both are my cousins) school at s'ban, Chong Hwa High School. We went there cause An Jie biao jiu left his schooling shoe at home. Because that school was an infected area of influenza A (H1N1), so, qiong gong didnt want us especially E&A go into crowded place like canteen! So, we ask them to meet us at basket ball court! Lots of students playing basket ball that time! E&A were so happy when saw that! Cause they like ball very much! They will show u the 'play ball' hand sign with 'uh!!' sound! Like playing volleyball! Because they always see Shirley biao yi play volleyball and their mommy was x volleyball player!! ;) Chiong gong not allowed us to go near to the court! He worried about the H1N1!! Funny!! haha...

Friday, gu po & Suet wei biao yi set up the pool that pa pa brought back yesterday night! They having so much fun in the pool!! Evening, we sent Shirley biao yi to volleyball training! When the way back, 'wai gong' (my father) call gu po, asked us to go to his shop, cause got durian to eat!!! Hurayyy!! E&A love durian so much!! At night, when we having dinner, E&A keep make noise cause they wanted to eat! So, the 'bad' Shirley biao yi let them tried 1 of the dish - mix vege curry!! She let them ate long bean. Seem like they can eat spicy food! Cause they keep request again! Awhile later, they started to feel hot! Keep use hand to touch their tongue! So, I gave them some water! They didnt drink much! Then asked for the curry vege again! :D

Today, they got spaghetti as their lunch! I decided to cook this long times ago! This time, im not the one who cook this! Gu po cook! Hehe... After their lunch, was 'swimming' time! ;) Chiong gong added a new 'toy' in their pool! Guess what?? 2 coconuts!!! :D Just picked from coconut tree last few days!!! They are so excited with the new 'toys'! :)

Tonight, we will go back to wai po's house, don't know when only can come to stay at gu po's house again! Hope will be very soon! They sure will miss here a lot!!! ;)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

At 'Gu Po' house again!!!

Yesterday, we came to gu po's house again! E&A were so happy when they know we'll go gu po's house. Cause i asked them :"Do you want to go gu po's house?" They keep nodding their head!! ;) At gu po's house, for sure, 'chiong gong' will fetch them by motorcycle! Round and round at the field, went to see goats!

At night, we went to a Buddist Temple (a new 2 1/2 stories house renovated into 'Fo Tang'). Because yesterday were 15th of chinese calender, so there had some vegetarian's food to serve everyone there! E&A were very excited and happy! Maybe because there had lots of people around and the most important-lots of food to eat!!! :s Can say they started to eat from begining until before they slept! Because we took away some 'tong sui-bak goh yi mai' back home. Then when we eat, they also want to eat! :s But even they ate so much and full, they will woke up for nen nen!! Many times!!

Today morning, chiong gong brought us to eat roti canai for breakfast. For sure they cannot eat! too oily! I brought some corn flake to let them eat. Half way, chiong gong's fren came. With 2 rabbit in a big sugar bag! He said the rabbit will go into somebody's stomach! OMG!! Pity rabbit!!! So cute!!! Chiong gong took out the 2 rabbits to let E&A see! Aiden make a 'geli' face with hand put infront of his chest! And Eden keep look at the rabbits and 'uh.. uh.. uh..' like telling us something! They keep wanted to go closer to the rabbit!!! :)

Evening, gu po and I brought E&A to walk on the field beside her house. We let them stand and walk on the grass. At the begining, both of them abit scared! But after awhile, Aiden started to walk with holding gu po's finger! Eden, he started to walk with holding my finger, but he tip his toe! Just for few minutes, he requested me to carry him! Didn't want to walk anymore! When wanted to put him down again, he banned his knee up! :D

Gu po's house no water supply since morning til night! So, we went out to 'po tai' (my grandma, E&A call her po tai) house to take shower. Before we depart, chiong gong brought them for motorcycle ride again!!! They were really happy!! When on the way to po tai's house, chiong gong brought us to see horse!! There are some horses and ponies! Aiden were so excited! keep pointing on the horse! Eden also keep looking at it! But very bad we only can see it in the car. Cannot go in! If not they sure will more exciting!!! :(

E&A sure very very like here - gu po's house! Because they get to see a lots of things here! Dogs, goats, cows, rabbits, horse, big aroeplane (cause very near to airport!), ride motorcycle, swim in the pool and etc... Now they don't know how to talk, if not for sure they will always say :"We want to go gu po's house!!!' :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This afternoon, I let them try fish oil after their lunch. The fish oil they eat everyday is chewable type and it is sweet. Hubby said that one not good! So i let him try the one i take everyday! It is gel type in capsule. I make a small hole and drip the fish oil in the spoon. Then i let them try! After they eat, their face start to change! They dont like the smell! I asked them :"Nice or not?" They shake head! And I asked again :" Do you want somemore?" They shake head again! ;p

Evening, an aunty came to do massage for me and my mom! It's a medication massage! It was really hurt! E&A were in the room with gu po & biao yi. I keep shouting v laughing when it's hurt! When Eden saw this, he started to cry! I think he know mommies get hurt! He keep looking at the aunty!! Haha...

Recently, they will pintch their nose when see diaper, cloth diaper, napkin, wet tissue, poo poo... When ask them, where smelly? They will point to thier diaper that they wearing! Sometimes Aiden will point to Eden after I clean Eden's butt and Eden will do so! Then when ask them again :"Who smelly?" They will point to the other side! Funny! :D

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to PaPa's house!!!

Yesterday, we back to Klang's house. 1 month didnt go back there ad! I brought back the pool to let them play there! Now Eden start to move abit! But.... using his butt to move! Not crawl! :D
We went to Jusco Bukit Raja to shop and bought some groceries! I took 2 boxes of Nestle Gold cereal cause at home left around 1 bowl only! Then my hubby asked :"Why let them eat this?" Haijo.. sometimes when no time to cook can let them eat or can let them eat as breakfast! :s Then I saw the Heinz ABC pasta that i looking for sometimes, think to grab a pack but hubby asked again the same question!!! Since im not really know about this product, so I just put it back. Later on we at biscuit section, I took a box of cheese biscuit. He asked the SAME question again!!!!!!! OMG.....
We back to my parents' house after had dinner with PIL around 9pm. After reach home, I tidy all the things then hubby asked me to make protein (powder) + calcium (chewable) + multivitamin (chewable) drinks that he bought for E&A. Seem like they quite like it! Managed to finish all! ;) So, hubby asked me to make for them every morning!! Sigh..... The problem is not the time of making the drinks, is the time of let them finish it! They cant just lie on the bed and drink! They will crawl here and there after finish half! Then i need to chase them, ask them to finish it! Maybe they never drink milk like this before! :s

Saturday, July 4, 2009

'Swimming Pool'

Today papa came back early! Around 2pm ad reach 'gu po' (cousin's mother) house. Papa brought back the pool given by my fren's as E&A birthday present. until yesterday i just asked him to bring it back! Cause recently the H1N1 virus is getting serious! so we cannot go to swimming pool to swim!

Once papa reach, he straight away open the box n set up the pool! They cant wait to go into the pool! so, i just take off their cloth n put them in even the water not full yet! They swim v naked! hehe... Aiden love to swim, he crawl here and there in the pool but Eden just sit at the same place! They play around 30mins then i brought them up n take to to nap!

After they nap, around 3.30pm, me and hubby went to My Dear warehouse sales! Left them with gu po n biao jiu. Bought some toys for them. When the way back around 5pm, i called back
to c how are they. They just woke up, n looking for me. But they just cry for awhile then ok ad! ;)

Around 6pm, 2nd round for swimming~~ this time Eden didnt want to sit in the pool! He just stand there and not willing to sit down! Aiden cant wait to go in once he saw the pool! I put some toys that just bought from My Dear! Then Eden only willing to sit to play the toys! Hmm... they really like to come gu po's house, cause here got motorcycle, pool, and can go to c goats by riding on motorcycle!!! ;)

Today, Aiden keep call everyone 'ma ma' when he request for a thing! When he want a thing from gu po, gu po ask him to call 'GU~~~ PO', but he said 'ma ma'! :s

Friday, July 3, 2009

Aiden call me 'ma ma...' :)

Today, i ask Aiden to call me again! i said:Di Di, call ma ma, he really call me!! i asked him to call for few times, he did oso!! (b4 this he never 'hiu' me for this request!) ;) Then when he wake up after nap, imediatly i wan him to call again! He really call me 'ma ma'! Then he asked for nen nen. so, i teach him to say 'nen nen', he said:'nie nie.. nie nie...' haha... finally u he knows how to call me.. hehe.. Evening, he looking at me n pointing at something, "pa.. ma.. pa... pa..." again... sigh... :s

9pm, 'biao yi' (my cousin, E&A call her biao yi) call me, ask me bring E&A overnight at her house! cause 'biao jiu' (her brother, they call him biao jiu) miss them so much! (last week jst played with them, now miss them so much ad! haha...) so, i just 'ta pao' some stuff then came to my aunty's house. that 'biao jiu', just play with them around 30mins, disappear ad! :s

Eden! u again! put him on bed around 11pm, suck nen nen then fall sleep, slept around 15mins v sucking nen nen, then wake up again!! when put Eden to sleep, Aiden start to cry for nen nen coz he is tired, want to sleep! then 'qiong gong' (my cousin's father, they call him qiong gong) came back. cause Aiden keep crying, so he brought him to ride on motorcycle! at around 11pm night!! @@ They like motorcycle very much especially Eden! maybe the motorcycle sound makes Eden wake up! :s

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eat durian AGAIN!!! ;)

Morning i gav E&A Nestle Gold cereal as their breakfast. yesterday they seem like can self feed, so, i jst gav them the whole bowl cereal to let them try to self-feed. this time Eden start to loss patience coz he only can scoop a little bit of cereal to put in his mouth. after tried few times, he started request me to feed him. :s Aiden prefer to feed by himself even though all the cereal gone on his shirt! he still hold the spoon up side down when put into his mouth! :D

After they messed up the place, is the time to bath for them, cause they are so dirty! ;p i straight brought 2 of them into the bath room! 1st time bath them together by myself! since they can stand now, so i think i can let them stand n bath them. yeah! i really made it! somemore i still got time to take out my phone, take their picture!! haha...

This afternoon b4 lunch, i teach E&A some animal names v small hard cover book! But Aiden is more interested on it, he always love to read! Now he can tell me 'duck, pig, horse' if i ask him! Sometimes he will bring a book to me, sit on my lap, n ask me to read for him! sometimes he will sit alone n use his finger, point on the book n 'read'! 'yi..ya..' like he very good in reading! haha.. Eden less patience on this!

Evening, 'wai gong' (my dad, E&A's grandpa) queitly brought Eden to durian stall again!! the pakcik selling durian treat him durian to eat! this is the 2nd time ad! haha... after i breastfeed Aiden, think to go down stair to take Eden for breastfeed, keep search in the shop but cant get! then i stand outside of shop, only saw wai gong n Eden sitting at the stall there! Then i brought Aiden there too! so.. Aiden oso gt to eat some durian! their favourite fruit! haha... so, i jst brought Eden back for breastfeed and left Aiden with wai gong! ;)

OMG!!! im going to crazy!!! E&A!!! fall slept at 10pm... then after 30mins, WAKE UP AGAIN!!!! always like this!!! until now they still not yet on bed!! 12am now!!! huhuhuh.... @@


today lunch time, i gave E&A a bowl n spoon again! then put abit porridge in it! tried these few times b4! but today seem like they manage how to self-feed! Eden can scoop the porridge n straight put into his mouth, but his scooping skill not really good! Aiden doing the same thing but he hold the spoon up side down when put into his mouth. so, all the food will drop on his bib b4 go into his mouth! haha.. for sure, they mess up the place! luckily they sitting on booster seat, so i jst brought the tray to wash!

evening, 'wai po' (grandma) giv some corn to them! when she feed Eden, she requested Eden to call her 'po'... then Eden keep looking at her, n try to make 'po' sound! but he only managed to make 'pu' 'pue' sound... haha... after 'wai po' teach few times oso the same! i think she will teach him again tomorrow! Then Aiden pulak.. when he request something, he will keep 'pa... pa... ma... ma...' or kiss on my face then point to the thing tht he wants!these few days always get to listen he keep call "ma ma..." even at mid night when want nen nen! he will "ma ma.. ma ma"! but when i ask him to call me, he will jst keep quiet! @@

i found that recently E&A start to 'comunicate' with ppl around using their body or 'alien' language! they will come to me or ppl around, pat pat me, then point to the things v eye contact to me. like they are 'talking' to me! Eden will open his big eye looking at u, then point to the thing tht he wants to tell u n 'uh.. uh.. uh..'! then normally Aiden will use body language or keep 'pa.. ma.. pa.. ma..' to attract ur attention! ;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My 2 little 'Xiu Mo Tao'~~

Now, let me intro my 2 little honey notty boys-Eden & Aiden. They born at 4/3/08 with healthy at 2.1kgs, 35 weeks pre-mature babies. Pro-long jauntice until they full moon!! :s

They going to 16 months soon. But, they only can walk few baby-steps... They like to 'copy' each other! When 1 of them do funny thing, stand up when sitting in a baby chair, we praise him cause he doing a 'good job' n etc... the other 1 sure will do it s well if he see it!! They mostly can understand what u tell them, or want them to do! they will response to u by nod/shake head, point here n there... only thing they still dunno how to talk... :s

They love to watch Astro 'Xiao Tai Yang' channel. cause lots of song n dance gt to watch in tht channel. they will dance together sometimes! when they c ppl sing using a mic or when they c a mic, they will put their finger infront of mouth n do like singing. Eden will make 'hu hu hu...' sound too! ;) 1 of their favourite programme in tht channel is Fruity Pie 'Shui guo bing qi ling'! they can jst sit n watch for tht 30 mins programme! over all, they like to watch advertisement more than tv programme!

Recently is durian season! found tht they like durian sooooo much!! whoever say wan to bring them to buy durian, they will jst bring their hands up n wan to follow! they even can show u where is the stall tht selling durian (jst nearby my home!)! beside durian, all kind of fruit, food, anything tht can eat, they will jst ask for it! but Eden doesnt like raisin! he will spilt it out then if u wan to giv him again, he will shake head! n he not really like 'mee suah' tht i cook for him, hav to 'tipu' him to finish it..:s

ok.. this is jst a little bit about my 2 'xiu mo tao'... lets talk about my hubby (now only mention him.. haha..) he nothing much to talk about! Everyday work until late night around 10.30pm only back home! that's why now im staying at my parents place, cause here gt more hands to help me up! if not i'll get crazy!! he even need to work til 5pm on saturday!! he will come back to c us (to c his 2 lovely sons more) 2 or 3 times a week... every thursday n saturday will surely come back. then back to work on monday! he very care about his sons nutrition, cleanliness, n many many things! always remind me this n that! but never care about my things... :( hmm.. this is a part about my boys' daddy........

Lots of thing cant get to one shot write all here... hope i'll keep update my blog!!! ;)


Finally... i start to blog in this 1/7/09 mid night 2.25am!!! plan to create a blog for my boys long time ago, only thing never move a step to start it! why i wan to hav a blog? cause through blog, i can remember all special things about my boys n even about myslef n every1 around me!! why named my blog 'Happy Twin'? cause i hope my boys will happy always! Live with happy, everything become easy!! ;)

1st of all, let me intro myself. Im fulltime mom with a pair of lovely twin boys! Everyday do with the same thing over n over again... Morning will prepare my boys food (lunch n mayb dinner oso), then will go out for breakfast with my parent if my boys wake up early b4 my parent go out! after breakfast will come home to bath for them, then later on will ready their lunch! Tthen around 2pm will let them take a nap. Normally they will nap around 1.5 - 2 hours. When they taking nap im sure will take chance to online to 'pek pek' with all my dearest MP mommies! After they wake up, will play with them, looking at them learning new skills, doing funny action...

Around 5pm will giv them some snack-biscuit, fruits n etc... Sometimes will bring them to my younger brother's shop which they like to go there cause lots of ppl will play with them there! After back from brother's shop, will bath for them again! Then around 7pm will ready their dinner! Almost everynight around 8.30pm will bring them to my grandma's house. Then stay about 1 hour, we will back home to ready to go on bed. Normally will put them sleep around 10pm++. Put them to sleep is my nightmare cause they very hard to fall sleep. always need to use up to 2 hours!!! Haih.....

hmm.. almost 3am now... really need to sleep ad... to be continue mayb tonight!! @@