Monday, July 27, 2009

New Toy-Aqua Doodle

Yesterday night, after dinner with wai po, we went carrefour shopping with 'xiao jiu jiu' (my youngest brother)! We reached there quite late, around 8.45pm, so we rush to get all the things we need to buy!

1st thing were the pillow for E&A. Because pa pa said, they will sleep more comfort if the head on pillow, like us! What pa pa said is true also cause I cant sleep without a pillow! So I stop at baby section in Carrefour. While I searching around for the better pillow, pa pa was looking around at the toys section! He found the doodle board that I told him before I want to buy for E&A. (Why I told him so many times the thing I want he never remember???? :[ ) After I got the pillows & bolster, he asked me to choose the board! I looked around and took a Disney Winnie The Pooh design board. Then pa pa had a look on it and I told him that was a magnetic doodle board. Once he know that is a magnetic doodle board, he asked me to see whether got another type of board or not. He said magnetic type got lots of 'steel powder' in it. That's why it can use magnet for writing! And it is for aged 3 and above!! At last we bought the aqua doodle. It use water to write! And it suitable for baby 18 months and above! So, it is save for E&A! But the price is double of the magnetic doodle, RM47.90.

After that we went down to buy some groceries. We finish shopped at 10pm. Then pa pa went to cashier to pay. Xiao jiu jiu & I brought E&A to play their favourite game - horse token machine. They were so happy when riding on it!! After that we went to meet pa pa. Pa pa told me we spent more than RM300 in that one hour and 15 mins time!! :D Really can't belive we can spent so much money in a very rush time!!! :p (Pa pa, we know you are very tired in earning money! But we didn't buy useless thing!! we love you so much!! ;p)

After back home, pa pa let E&A played the aqua doodle. Oh shit! there were only 1 pen in it!!! They kept fight for the pen! Then pa pa came out with an idea! Use cotton buds and wet it, then can use to write! ;) Babies, hope you like the aqua doodle that we bought for you. Enjoy writting!!! ;)

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