Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aiden bite Eden!

Just now, before E&A nap, they were playing together with some toys! Suddenly i heard a loud crying sound! I faster look at them. OMG... Eden's finger was in Aiden's mouth!! I ran to them, then press Aiden's face to make him open his mouth! Eden's little finger was bitten. A teeth mark was at his finger, now turn red. Aiden was cry too, after i press his face. He was so 'mang zhang' that time! Maybe they fight for the toys!

Hmm... I think I have to always sit beside them when they playing around! Hope it won't happend again! because it's really hurt! Myself already can't 'tahan' the pain!! Their teeth are really sharp!!!

Today i asked Eden to say "nien nien". But he only managed to say "ie ie, ia ia..." When he request for nien nien. I asked him :"what is this?" He answer me:"ie ie..." :s

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