Thursday, July 2, 2009


today lunch time, i gave E&A a bowl n spoon again! then put abit porridge in it! tried these few times b4! but today seem like they manage how to self-feed! Eden can scoop the porridge n straight put into his mouth, but his scooping skill not really good! Aiden doing the same thing but he hold the spoon up side down when put into his mouth. so, all the food will drop on his bib b4 go into his mouth! haha.. for sure, they mess up the place! luckily they sitting on booster seat, so i jst brought the tray to wash!

evening, 'wai po' (grandma) giv some corn to them! when she feed Eden, she requested Eden to call her 'po'... then Eden keep looking at her, n try to make 'po' sound! but he only managed to make 'pu' 'pue' sound... haha... after 'wai po' teach few times oso the same! i think she will teach him again tomorrow! Then Aiden pulak.. when he request something, he will keep 'pa... pa... ma... ma...' or kiss on my face then point to the thing tht he wants!these few days always get to listen he keep call "ma ma..." even at mid night when want nen nen! he will "ma ma.. ma ma"! but when i ask him to call me, he will jst keep quiet! @@

i found that recently E&A start to 'comunicate' with ppl around using their body or 'alien' language! they will come to me or ppl around, pat pat me, then point to the things v eye contact to me. like they are 'talking' to me! Eden will open his big eye looking at u, then point to the thing tht he wants to tell u n 'uh.. uh.. uh..'! then normally Aiden will use body language or keep 'pa.. ma.. pa.. ma..' to attract ur attention! ;)

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