Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Improvement of Happy Twin!!

- (Before & Now) -

This evening, since wai po & wai gong were so busy,so we went to ah tai's (greatgrandmom) house! E&A like to go there too. Because there have Ah Chao jiu jiu & Yi Hwa ah yi (my cousins, they call them jiu jiu & ah yi) to play with them!

Recently, they keep walking! After they fall, they will stand n walk again! But mainly they still crawl around! today at ah tai's house, they can walk longer! Especially Eden. He can walk quite far! But, walk like those people who drunk! Walk like 'mabuk mabuk'!! haha... Maybe ah tai's house has a big living room, so they can keep walking!

Yi Hwa ah yi brought out their toys - toy car that can ride on it! A 1 year old birthday gift from some relatives! Before this we let them ride once awhile. Cause their legs are not long enough, so they will put their leg beside the steering, then let us push them! Really tiring, so I didnt let them ride on it for many months! Today, they can ride on it by themself! They even can go up and down by themself! But after awhile, they started less interested on ride it. They started to push the toy car and run!!! :s

At night, before we back home, we went to meet wai po. She was in the line dance class! I brought them went few times before. That few times i just carried them. Never let them down. But got 1 time i let Aiden down! He was so happy and hold my finger walking around like he is dancing! Just now Aiden was went down to 'dance' again! This time he really like 'copying' those aunties who are dancing! He moved few steps, then fall, then stand up again and move! Haha.. Eden was tired, feel sleepy, so he not willing to go down!!

These few days, they like to copy what people doing. Like this evening, Ah Chao jiu jiu doing some funny action, Eden kept looking at him. Then he started to do what Ah Chao jiu jiu did! When in the room, Ah Chao jiu jiu show them 'da guan dou' (roll body by head?), they also follow what he is doing! Aiden can slight move but 'senget' to the side, and Eden only managed to roll side to side by his body!! Very bad i didnt take a picture or video for that!! :(

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