Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My 2 little 'Xiu Mo Tao'~~

Now, let me intro my 2 little honey notty boys-Eden & Aiden. They born at 4/3/08 with healthy at 2.1kgs, 35 weeks pre-mature babies. Pro-long jauntice until they full moon!! :s

They going to 16 months soon. But, they only can walk few baby-steps... They like to 'copy' each other! When 1 of them do funny thing, stand up when sitting in a baby chair, we praise him cause he doing a 'good job' n etc... the other 1 sure will do it s well if he see it!! They mostly can understand what u tell them, or want them to do! they will response to u by nod/shake head, point here n there... only thing they still dunno how to talk... :s

They love to watch Astro 'Xiao Tai Yang' channel. cause lots of song n dance gt to watch in tht channel. they will dance together sometimes! when they c ppl sing using a mic or when they c a mic, they will put their finger infront of mouth n do like singing. Eden will make 'hu hu hu...' sound too! ;) 1 of their favourite programme in tht channel is Fruity Pie 'Shui guo bing qi ling'! they can jst sit n watch for tht 30 mins programme! over all, they like to watch advertisement more than tv programme!

Recently is durian season! found tht they like durian sooooo much!! whoever say wan to bring them to buy durian, they will jst bring their hands up n wan to follow! they even can show u where is the stall tht selling durian (jst nearby my home!)! beside durian, all kind of fruit, food, anything tht can eat, they will jst ask for it! but Eden doesnt like raisin! he will spilt it out then if u wan to giv him again, he will shake head! n he not really like 'mee suah' tht i cook for him, hav to 'tipu' him to finish it..:s

ok.. this is jst a little bit about my 2 'xiu mo tao'... lets talk about my hubby (now only mention him.. haha..) he nothing much to talk about! Everyday work until late night around 10.30pm only back home! that's why now im staying at my parents place, cause here gt more hands to help me up! if not i'll get crazy!! he even need to work til 5pm on saturday!! he will come back to c us (to c his 2 lovely sons more) 2 or 3 times a week... every thursday n saturday will surely come back. then back to work on monday! he very care about his sons nutrition, cleanliness, n many many things! always remind me this n that! but never care about my things... :( hmm.. this is a part about my boys' daddy........

Lots of thing cant get to one shot write all here... hope i'll keep update my blog!!! ;)


  1. E&A look like kaki durian hahahaha
    Irene mommy, give some salt wtr(serve in durian skin), it may help reduce the heat :D

  2. ya.. i heard b4! drink water v durian skin help cooling! ;)