Friday, July 3, 2009

Aiden call me 'ma ma...' :)

Today, i ask Aiden to call me again! i said:Di Di, call ma ma, he really call me!! i asked him to call for few times, he did oso!! (b4 this he never 'hiu' me for this request!) ;) Then when he wake up after nap, imediatly i wan him to call again! He really call me 'ma ma'! Then he asked for nen nen. so, i teach him to say 'nen nen', he said:'nie nie.. nie nie...' haha... finally u he knows how to call me.. hehe.. Evening, he looking at me n pointing at something, "pa.. ma.. pa... pa..." again... sigh... :s

9pm, 'biao yi' (my cousin, E&A call her biao yi) call me, ask me bring E&A overnight at her house! cause 'biao jiu' (her brother, they call him biao jiu) miss them so much! (last week jst played with them, now miss them so much ad! haha...) so, i just 'ta pao' some stuff then came to my aunty's house. that 'biao jiu', just play with them around 30mins, disappear ad! :s

Eden! u again! put him on bed around 11pm, suck nen nen then fall sleep, slept around 15mins v sucking nen nen, then wake up again!! when put Eden to sleep, Aiden start to cry for nen nen coz he is tired, want to sleep! then 'qiong gong' (my cousin's father, they call him qiong gong) came back. cause Aiden keep crying, so he brought him to ride on motorcycle! at around 11pm night!! @@ They like motorcycle very much especially Eden! maybe the motorcycle sound makes Eden wake up! :s


  1. Irene, excited bo? Finally Aiden call u mama.... hohoho

    Eden, Jai Yu o!!

  2. but now he will call whoever mama when they request him to call them... haha.. :s