Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eat durian AGAIN!!! ;)

Morning i gav E&A Nestle Gold cereal as their breakfast. yesterday they seem like can self feed, so, i jst gav them the whole bowl cereal to let them try to self-feed. this time Eden start to loss patience coz he only can scoop a little bit of cereal to put in his mouth. after tried few times, he started request me to feed him. :s Aiden prefer to feed by himself even though all the cereal gone on his shirt! he still hold the spoon up side down when put into his mouth! :D

After they messed up the place, is the time to bath for them, cause they are so dirty! ;p i straight brought 2 of them into the bath room! 1st time bath them together by myself! since they can stand now, so i think i can let them stand n bath them. yeah! i really made it! somemore i still got time to take out my phone, take their picture!! haha...

This afternoon b4 lunch, i teach E&A some animal names v small hard cover book! But Aiden is more interested on it, he always love to read! Now he can tell me 'duck, pig, horse' if i ask him! Sometimes he will bring a book to me, sit on my lap, n ask me to read for him! sometimes he will sit alone n use his finger, point on the book n 'read'! 'yi..ya..' like he very good in reading! haha.. Eden less patience on this!

Evening, 'wai gong' (my dad, E&A's grandpa) queitly brought Eden to durian stall again!! the pakcik selling durian treat him durian to eat! this is the 2nd time ad! haha... after i breastfeed Aiden, think to go down stair to take Eden for breastfeed, keep search in the shop but cant get! then i stand outside of shop, only saw wai gong n Eden sitting at the stall there! Then i brought Aiden there too! so.. Aiden oso gt to eat some durian! their favourite fruit! haha... so, i jst brought Eden back for breastfeed and left Aiden with wai gong! ;)

OMG!!! im going to crazy!!! E&A!!! fall slept at 10pm... then after 30mins, WAKE UP AGAIN!!!! always like this!!! until now they still not yet on bed!! 12am now!!! huhuhuh.... @@

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