Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cute bath robe

See what mommy bought for 2 of you!

A very cute bath robe!!!! Mommy bought this from Auntie Angel. (What? Auntie Angel again? Yes!!! She must be earn a lot from mommy!! Hahaha... Kidding la... buddy friend! ;) )

This is how the bath robe look like! Bought it for 2 of you to use it when go swimming or beach!

And 2 of you wearing it! You 2 like it so much!!

Eden with penguin bath robe.

Aiden with duck bath robe!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buffet @ Shogun

Monday, mommy brought 2 of you went Shogun Sunway Pyramid to have a nice buffet lunch. Why we suddenly went there for lunch? Because there is having a promotion of 35% for lunch! So, yi yi, Shirley biao yi, An Jie biao jiu, mommy and 2 of you went there had a super yummy lunch! But very bad mommy started feeling not well that morning, so mommy didn't enjoy much food there!

yi yi, Shirley biao yi & An Jie biao jiu enjoying their yummy Japanese food.

Aiden & Eden also enjoying the food there! You ate spaghetti, cakes..... Through the window, you can see the view of Sunway Lagoon. 2 of you were so excited and wanted to go there!

An Jie biao jiu trying his very 1st time of French Snails! He said not nice because he cant even bite it!

After everyone tummy full, 2 of you started make noise and we let you went down to walk! For sure, you 2 were very happy once got down!!!

Running in n out....

Eden looking at the view of Sunway Lagoon.

After lunch, that was shopping time! Mommy rented 2 car trolley to let 2 of you 'drive' in it!

See!! 2 of you were so happy with the car! But you 2 didn't sit inside all the time!!! :s

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yaya Prince and Princess contest

Auntie Angel had a YaYa Prince and Princess contest @ Mamypoko Club forum. This contest was base on votes by all the MP mommies! And mommy sent these 2 photos to join this contest!

After the closing date, Eden & Aiden had the same votes with Antie Celine's daugther Angeline. So, Auntie Angel set a vote again! But unlucky you 2 lost 2 votes to Angeline! Never mind... What we want was the fun of joining the contest but not the result! ;)



Antie Angel last minute said Eden & Aiden got the consolation prize and she sent this as the prize! Mommy got it about a week ago!

Thanks Auntie Angel for organized such a great contest and the prize!!! ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing at gu po's house

These few pics were taken at the field of gu po's house when 2 of you playing there with chiong gong!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 little Beethoven!

Play piano is one of the favourite thing you 2 like to do! Sometimes 2 of you will request mommy to bring the booster seat to the piano there and let you sit and play! Hope 2 of you will still have this hobby when you grow bigger! ;)


See how 2 of you perform the song of 两只老虎!

This is Aiden! Gu po teach you this when we on the way to eat dim sum @ Jalan Kuchai Lama. You can do it after gu po taught you few times!

This is Eden. We teach you at the same day but mommy didn't manage to take a video for you that day! This is video was taken after 2 days we taught you! Actually you can do it better just you not co-operated that day! :s

Double Twins!!

Mommy nearly forget this post! These 2 photos were taken when our Genting trip! We met Auntie Chinnee and her family there! Mommy knew her through Facebook and this is the 1st time we meet! She is very nice and pretty and she has a twin boys too! And a cute and pretty Qi Qi jie jie! We went to their room and had a nice chit chat that night! Let's see the nice photos we taken that day! ;)

Double twins! Want to take photo for 2 of you is a hard mission! Want to take photo for a double twin is super hard mission for sure! But that night 4 of you were quite co-operated! Good boys~! ;)

Mommy, Aiden, Eden, Auntie Chinnee and her boys! Because the co-operated by 4 of you, we got this nice photo! ;)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family trip to Titi 知知港 (backdated post)

4/10/09, the next day of mid autumn, we had a wonderful trip to Titi 知知港. We were in a big group this time. Last time before mommy have this 2 little monster, we always go for family trip by bus! Almost all family member joined for the trip!! That day, total 5 cars with family of chiong gong, family of 3rd chiong gong, family of 4th shu gong (叔公), ah tai, gong tai, wai po, wai gong, da jiu jiu, ah mei jie jie, pa pa, mommy, Eden & Aiden! Mommy know there is nothing special there but since we never been there, so mommy asked pa pa to go with them!

There is just a very small town. Famous with the 'kuih-muih' selling in a chinese shop. There is many type of kuih! Around 20 types if not mistaken! For sure mommy bought some to try! And there is a shop selling 'sak kei ma' that mommy love to eat! Gu po bought last time and she said very nice! So, mommy also bought some to eat! :)

Actually gong tai ordered some 'rotan' chair from a shop there before this, this is the purpose for this trip! After moved all the chairs on to chiong gong and wai gong's car, we left Titi.

We went to had our lunch at a shop near by Titi. After lunch we head over to a water fall - Hutan Lipur Tanah Toi. (Water fall again...... :D) This time we had ready some cloths to change after playing in the water! So, pa pa, Eden, Aiden, An Jie biao jiu, Seh Kah biao jiu and Seh Hong biao jiu went into the cold water! We stayed there around 1 hour then we left.

We went to Seremban after the Tanah Toi waterfall since there is not far from there! We went to a chinese temple there but that time Aiden was slept deeply. So mommy didn't went down and stayed in the car with Aiden!

We stop there around 30 minutes. Then we decided to back home since everyone were tired! Eden also fall slept on the way back! 2 of you straight slept until we reach home!! Can see how tired 2 of you were!!! But mommy know you 2 were really enjoyed today!! Hope we can have more family trip like this in the future!! No need to go far but fun!! ;p

Aiden went into 3rd chiong gong's car and playing with gu po and biao yi & biao jiu! ;)

This is the street if Titi. A very small town, right?

The 'rotan' shop. These 2 chairs are just nice for 2 of you! :)

Eden, you like this chair!

An Jie biao jiu and Eden having fun with this motorcycle's chair!

And this is chiong gong and Aiden! Swing and swing with this chair and 2 of you laugh out really loud!!! :D

This is Hutan Lipur Tanah Toi waterfall!

Don't know what Aiden you cried for!

Eden in the cold water! ;)

An Jie biao jiu & Aiden on the slide!

Pa pa & Eden! A very bright smile on your face! ;)

This time, An Jie biao jiu & Eden.

Pa pa & Aiden!

Oat porridge & Egg mayo sandwich

Last Sunday, mommy cook this oat as your lunch. This is not the 1st time mommy cook this but before this mommy only add banana or kiwi in it. This time mommy added more ingredients = oat + banana + craisins ( cranberry raisin ) + broccoli. 2 of you cant finish the whole bowl because mommy cook too much!! :D

And this is the egg mayo sandwich + cheese that mommy make it as your snack last 2 days! You 2 just love it!! ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hair cut

Last Saturday, we had a hair cut at gu po's house. Da jiu jiu brought Ah Mei jie jie came to gu po's house around 7pm. Then we started our hair cut.

Eden before hair cut. Hair so long make you look like 'ah pek'!! ;p

Aiden's hair long until can tie with rubber ban!! ;)

Hair cut started. Jiu jiu entertained Aiden with a durian.

Aiden :"Don't disturb me! I want to eat the durian!!"

The hair make Aiden's nose itchy!

Now, Eden's turn......

Oooo... feel ticklish...

Eden :"Ah Mei jie jie, can you faster please!"

Pa pa's turn...

Mommy also need a hair cut! ;)

After mommy, that were An Jie jiu jiu's turn. Then Shirley biao yi and Suet Wei biao yi! Pity Ah Mei jie jie. Cut until 9.30pm only take dinner! Hehe...

Aiden after hair cut. Handsome?? Hehe...

Eden after hair cut. Look smarter?? No more 'ah pek' look!! Haha...

It's durian season again!!!!

Hooorrraaayyyy!!! The durian season come back again!!! You 2 sure very happy when everytime see the durian stall full of durian!! See how 2 of you enjoyed the yummy durian that ah tai gave to us!!!

Hmmm... Yummy!!!

I want more!! I want more!!!

Just now around 10pm, da jiu jiu brought us to Serdang to eat durian!! See! The car full of durian!!

This was only part of the durian we ate! ;p

See how you 2 enjoying the yummy durian!!! ;)

Aiden when see wai gong open the durian!! Your reaction really funny and make mommy LOL!!