Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Double Twins!!

Mommy nearly forget this post! These 2 photos were taken when our Genting trip! We met Auntie Chinnee and her family there! Mommy knew her through Facebook and this is the 1st time we meet! She is very nice and pretty and she has a twin boys too! And a cute and pretty Qi Qi jie jie! We went to their room and had a nice chit chat that night! Let's see the nice photos we taken that day! ;)

Double twins! Want to take photo for 2 of you is a hard mission! Want to take photo for a double twin is super hard mission for sure! But that night 4 of you were quite co-operated! Good boys~! ;)

Mommy, Aiden, Eden, Auntie Chinnee and her boys! Because the co-operated by 4 of you, we got this nice photo! ;)

1 comment:

  1. twins twins are super duper cute!!!!!

    4 of them are very much better than my gals.. i love da pic with mummies... lovely!! twins twins very cooperated ya! smiling some more ^^