Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buffet @ Shogun

Monday, mommy brought 2 of you went Shogun Sunway Pyramid to have a nice buffet lunch. Why we suddenly went there for lunch? Because there is having a promotion of 35% for lunch! So, yi yi, Shirley biao yi, An Jie biao jiu, mommy and 2 of you went there had a super yummy lunch! But very bad mommy started feeling not well that morning, so mommy didn't enjoy much food there!

yi yi, Shirley biao yi & An Jie biao jiu enjoying their yummy Japanese food.

Aiden & Eden also enjoying the food there! You ate spaghetti, cakes..... Through the window, you can see the view of Sunway Lagoon. 2 of you were so excited and wanted to go there!

An Jie biao jiu trying his very 1st time of French Snails! He said not nice because he cant even bite it!

After everyone tummy full, 2 of you started make noise and we let you went down to walk! For sure, you 2 were very happy once got down!!!

Running in n out....

Eden looking at the view of Sunway Lagoon.

After lunch, that was shopping time! Mommy rented 2 car trolley to let 2 of you 'drive' in it!

See!! 2 of you were so happy with the car! But you 2 didn't sit inside all the time!!! :s

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