Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 2 after check up! (Backdated post)

Day 2 after you 2 got the jab, Aiden you still didn't want to walk much! Always request to carry! Still can feel swollen at the injection area!

Afternoon, pa pa said wanted to bring us to KLCC Aquaria. So mommy called gu po whether she wants to go with us and she said yes! ;)

We departed after 2 of you had lunch. We straight head to Aqauria when reach there. After bought the tickets, we went in! At first, 2 of you seem quite scare! Not willing to come down to walk. But still very enjoy to see the fishes! When saw big fish, 2 of you told us you scared!

When we near to the exit, 2 of you started came down to walk and not scared to those big fish! Surprisingly, Aiden can walk already! But still can see you feel pain when walk!

After visited the Aqauria, we didn't shop at KLCC and straight back home! We had a very nice day at Aquaria and 2 of you show wai gong and wai po how big the fish with your own body langguage when reach home! ;)

Eden show us 'pa pa' (scared)!!

Scare until cuddle pa pa tight tight!!

In the tunnel...

Aiden :" Pa pa, you see!! So many big fish there!!"

Eden, taken at the splash pool side of KLCC

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