Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn!

3/10/09 was mid autumn! We had a family gathering at ah tai's house! Even though we almost gather every Saturday night, but that day was a bit different because we played lantern!

Pa pa made a very special traditional lantern that mommy never see before and pa pa had promised mommy to make 1 for me about 10 years ago!!!!! Finally, he turn on his promise this year!! :s

We had a wonderful night that day! Hope every mid autumn will as nice as this year! ;)

Eden & Aiden blowing candle! You 2 like to play with it! ;)

The candle nearly burn Eden's mouth!!! Haha...

All the ah yi, jiu jiu, biao yi & biao jiu having fun with the 'masak masak'!! :D

Eden & Shirley biao yi

The elderly drinking & chit chatting...

An Jie biao jiu & Aiden

The lanterns! Eden & Aiden's lantern were there too!! Mickey & Minnie and ladybird lantern.

Praying time!

Picture taking time!!

Gai gai with the lantern....

Eden playing with the lantern that made by pa pa!!

See! lantern make by pa pa!!!

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