Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yaya Prince and Princess contest

Auntie Angel had a YaYa Prince and Princess contest @ Mamypoko Club forum. This contest was base on votes by all the MP mommies! And mommy sent these 2 photos to join this contest!

After the closing date, Eden & Aiden had the same votes with Antie Celine's daugther Angeline. So, Auntie Angel set a vote again! But unlucky you 2 lost 2 votes to Angeline! Never mind... What we want was the fun of joining the contest but not the result! ;)



Antie Angel last minute said Eden & Aiden got the consolation prize and she sent this as the prize! Mommy got it about a week ago!

Thanks Auntie Angel for organized such a great contest and the prize!!! ;)

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