Thursday, October 8, 2009

Genting Highland!!!!!

Mommy and pa pa plan to bring 2 of you to over night at Genting Highland long times ago! But because of the H1N1 virus, make our plan delayed and delayed! Finally, on 1-10-09, pa pa said :" Let's go to Genting!". Since he was on leave that few days! And Suet Wei biao yi also went with us since she had no class that 2 days!

This is not the 1st time you 2 went to Genting but it was the 1st time we over night there! And I think, this is the 1st time 2 of you stayed in a hotel too!! :) After checked in, it was around 7pm! We rest for a while and got ready to have our dinner! After dinner, since it was already 8pm++, we decided not to play at the First World indoor themepark! Then we went to the Vision Game centre and let 2 of you ride on the machine's ride!

2nd day, after taken our breakfast, we started to enjoy all the rides in the First World indoor themepark as the photos below! 2 of you were very excited when riding on the rides and looking all the colourful light up rides around you!

Around 3.30pm, 2 of you started making noise because of tired and sleepy! So we decided to leave there and back home! 2 of you straight fall slept in 3 minutes time after pa pa's car moved!

Mommy know 2 of you love Genting and enjoyed very much! Hope we can go there again very soon!! ;)

Happy playing 'cuddle' in the room......

Oh no.... Going to fall down!


1st day, at the Vision Game Centre. Eden & Aiden enjoying the rides! ;)

Genting's logo!! (Yo... mommy really look like preggy in this photo!! :( )

Eden & Aiden like this very much!!! We played this for 4 times!

Suet Wei biao yi & Eden on the qiant wheel!!

Pa pa & Aiden on the boat!

Happy Family~~

Eden disturbing a kor kor!

Acting infront of camera!!

Happy Family again.... ;p

Pa pa & Eden on the mini train!

Attracted by the barking toy dogs!

Pa pa & Eden on the deer. Eden kept show 'pa pa' (scared) on the half way!

Before depart to back home.........

Eden & Aiden were so excited when see the 'deer ride'!

Enjoying the 'Marry Go Around!'. ;)

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