Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twins gathering

In these few months, we had joined for 2 twins gathering! 1 is on 24/10/10 and 1 is on 5/12/10. On 24/10, this is a big twins gathering. We can call it as event?? :p As we got some media from TV and magazine came along to report about our gathering! That is Astro - U report programme. And the magazine media are 妈妈宝宝and Feminine 风采. Total we had 26 pairs of twins joined on this gathering! Everyone were very enjoy and all the kids were having lots of fun during the gathering as we held it at a playground at Hartamas Shopping Mall, Sri Hartamas. On 5/12/10, we have another small twins gathering at Damansara Utama. All the mommies have a good chat as this time only few families join for the gathering! No media! No interview!! :)

Cameron Highland from 21 to 26 Nov 2010

We went to Cameron Highland again! And this time we stayed there for 6 days 5 nights! The longest stay ever.... :)

This time mommy joined a camp (22 - 25 Nov 2010) organized by 佛堂. During the camp, gu po, Yi Hwa ah yi and some kor kor take turn to take care 2 of you! Really have to say thanks to them! Mommy had to wake up early in the morning around 5.30am as the camp started at 6.30am and left 2 of you who still in deep sleep on the bed with gu po at 6am! Around lunch time gu po brought you 2 to camp area. (We stayed at different place with other camp members which we stayed at Tanah Rata and they stayed at Habu, Ringlet.) After lunch, mommy brought 2 of you to take a nap at Ah Wei biao yi's room. When reach the time, mommy left 2 of you to nap with gu po and back to the camp! That was a 4 days camp. In these 4 days, 2 of you consider behave and not too naughty! Sometimes when sing and dance time, you 2 joined in to dance together! :) Mommy can enjoyed when in the camp and this have to thanks to everyone that look after you 2 during the 4 days!

We only back home on the next day after the end of the 4 days camp! As everyone was very tired and mommy had to drive all the way back from Cameron Highland. So, we rest there for another day! :)
P/S: Videos and photos posted at Facebook.


Recently, 2 of you start very talkative! Sometimes will talk like an adult! Don't know where did you 2 learn from! But sometimes pronounce is not clear when talk too! Normally that time only mommy understand what you 2 talking about! Sometimes even mommy also have to think and think then only get what you 2 talking about! :)

As usual, 2 of you play together, eat together, sleep together and of cause fight together everyday! When you 2 fight for a toy, mommy will say take turn to play and you 2 will follow as what mommy said! You 2 willing to share with each other but not every time! You 2 like to go shopping the most! Because there has playground that you 2 love so much!! When we ask where you 2 want to go, you 2 will say "shopping!!!" or "Genting Highland!!!". :)

Eden, you still no show any interest on learning alphabet or numbers. Mommy also never force you to learn it. You are active! You like to play, run, jump...... You have a good imagination! You can use anything around you to play as your toys! You will play it like a train or car! These 2 you like the most! You like to sing too! You can sing quite a lot of songs but with the blur lyrics! :D

Aiden, you have a good memory! You can remember the thing after mommy teach you once or twice! Now you can correctly tell the alphabets and numbers on the car number plate! You know how to unlock the iPhone screen even its lock with password! Now you are more fierce compare to last time! You will fight back to Eden when Eden wants to snatch you toy or when you 2 fighting for a toy!

2 of you now can remember 2 phrase of 三字经, 96 words in 1 phrase, total 192 words. 1 和 2 的乘法表! Actually all these mommy didn't teach you much. Just let you 2 watch these video sometimes and not always! You 2 just surprised mommy with what you 2 can remember! :)

Mommy don't want much, just wish 2 of you grow healthy and happily!! :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

1st passport!

You 2 have your very 1st passport! Because we will go to Hong Kong on Jan'2011, so pa pa and mommy brought you 2 to do your passport! Pa pa and mommy wanted to renew our passport as well! We went to Immigration Putrajaya yesterday morning around 11am. But unfortunately there was no more number given due to too many people doing their passport there! We wait until around 3.30pm hope that they will still give number out but very bad that was not! So, this morning we went earlier to avoid long queue. We reach there around 8am and there already full of people! But what luckily was kids below 7 years old can get special number which we no need to wait for too long for the queue! We got our passport around 11am! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1st time went to Megakidz at Mid Valley

3/10/10, we went to Mid Valley for the CIMB Smart Rewards Fiesta. Xiao jiu jiu and Mark kor kor also there with us! Mommy didn't get the thing mommy want which was the DSLR camera. Mommy only bought some micro fibre floor mat! After we visited the fiesta, we headed to Megakidz. Before we came out from house, mommy already plan to bring you 2 there to play!

We had a great time there! Both of you were so enjoy when playing in the playground! You 2 so happy when jumping on the qiant bouncer! But the big playground actually is more suitable for kids around 5 years old and above because you 2 are too short to climb up onto it! So pa pa went in to carry you 2 up! Xiao jiu jiu and Mark kor kor also went in to play! :) You 2 really had much and much fun! Not only you 2, we all were so enjoyed when playing in Megakidz! Pa pa and mommy sure will bring you 2 go there again soon!! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

About the 2 boys

So fast, 2 of you already 2 and half years old. For sure you 2 bring a lots of fun to everyone and of course a lots of trouble to mommy! You 2 sometimes will talk like an adult! Always surprise mommy with the way you talk! And you 2 can sing too! Even though not clear with the lyrics! The songs you like to sing like '1,2 buckle my shoe, san loon che, birthday song,and etc! You 2 like to play with imagination! Always make mommy laugh when you 2 playing different character. You 2 like to act like a clown, make balloon and give to everyone! You 2 like to play with the cooking toys, cut and cook some foods. You 2 like to use pillow and blanket to make it into a car or boat and having fun on it! You 2 always like to snatch each other toys! Once mommy hear screaming, mommy know you 2 sure snatching for a toy! And this happened everyday!!!

Eden, you are very 'cow'! You more like 'dai lou'! Whatever you do also will be 'cow'! Less patience to learn what mommy teach you like alphabet and numbers! Physically (like jump, climb up stair and etc) is better than Aiden! Mommy likes to see when you want to tell mommy something! You will open your eye really big and talk with serious face!! You can tell the things clearly more than Aiden! Sometimes mommy really don't know what Aiden want to tell and mommy will ask you. Then you can exactly tell what actually Aiden want! You like to play with boy's stuff such as play with game boy, play or ride on the push car/electric motorcycle, like to watch those TV programme with story based and etc. You like to snatch toy which on Aiden's hand! See what Aiden playing you will want it or disturb him! Then make Aiden scream and cry! Normally you'll listen to what mommy say (except when snatching toys with Aiden) and willing to walk on your own!

Aiden, You are more 'soft' type but very demanding! You like to learn what mommy teach you for the alphabet and numbers and have more patience when learning! Now you can almost recognize all the alphabets and can tell numbers until 20! You love Eden very much. Most of the time you will let your toys to him when he wants it! Even you also want to play and cry when he snatch it! When Eden cry badly, you will feel to cry too! When mommy say want to give Eden away to stranger because he is so naughty and make you cry. You will not allow also! Can see how much you love him! You like to watch singing show or MTV. Always want to watch po's singing DVD. And always requested mommy to sing different kids and adults' song! You are very stick to mommy recently after wean off breast milk. Always want mommy to carry you even at home! Not willing to walk by yourself when outing! Make mommy very tired to carry you all the time! You are a cry baby and always throw tantrum! Make mommy get mad and crazy always!

Parenting life is so colorful! Mommy still enjoy with it (but not when 2 of you naughty! :p)! The most important is to give 2 of you a healthy and happy life! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Had a wonderful weekend at Genting Highland again!

Pa pa brought us to Genting Highland again last Saturday (4/9/10) as he had a conference there! Yi Hwa ah yi also going with us because she need to help mommy to take care 2 of you!

For the 1st day, after the dinner around 6pm, we heading to the Rainforest Splash pool! This time the water not warm anymore! It was too cold for 2 of you and you 2 still didn't like the condition there! The loud sound too scary for you 2? We didn't stayed for long as you 2 totally not enjoyed there! Then we went for shower!

After left the things back into the room! We played in the First World indoor theme park! This for sure you 2 like it very much! And this is the 1st time you 2 ride on the Ride de Paris! Last time mommy dare not to let you ride this because you scared when the car leave! After 1 day you 2 ride a smaller car ride at Sunway Pyramid and you 2 were enjoyed with it! So mommy know you 2 sure like this very much! You 2 really enjoy this very much and requested to ride more!

2 of you played until mid night then only back to room to sleep! Mommy was the most tired 1 because Aiden kept wants mommy to carry! So, mommy carried you the whole day and night and make hands muscle very sore!! Hmm... Still got 1 more day to go! The next day!

Around 2pm after we had lunch with pa pa, pa pa need to go for the conference again! So mommy and Yi Hwa ah yi brought you 2 to the outdoor theme park! And again 2 of you were very very happy enjoying all the rides there! The weather is very cold! Slightly rain a while but wont wet us badly! We just stayed at covered rides when raining! Strong wind make us felt really cold! Really long time didn't feel this cold at Genting already!! And we met a clown jie jie that she likes 2 of you very much! She made a gun and a dog balloon for 2 of you as you 2 requested! But the balloon flew away due to the strong wind when we ride on the Matahari (Ferris wheel). :D

Around 5pm, the conference was finished and we went to met pa pa at the exit! 2 of you told pa pa what the rides you 2 had ride for the day!!! You 2 must be very excited and happy! 2 of you slept soundly when on the way back! Must be very tired! :)

Don't know when we can go Genting again. Hope can bring you 2 go again soon as mommy know you 2 like there very very much!! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Check up @ 2 and half years old

Today we went for check up again. The nurse said that Eden & Aiden's weight is good enough with 12.5kgs! Then the nurse also told mommy to start to teach you 2 ABC and numbers. Mommy told the nurse that you 2 already knew it! The nurse was so happy and surprise to see your fast improvement!! Of cause mommy very happy for this too!! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

weaning nen nen

2 weeks ago (started 16/8/10), mommy started to wean off breastfeed to 2 of you! Mommy thought this will be a very hard mission but actually not! Mommy used a plaster stick on the nipple, and told 2 of you that eagle will come and bite nen nen, then nen nen will bleed, so mommy stick it off to avoid bitten by eagle! Every time when you ask for nen nen, mommy will tell u the same thing then 2 of you will not ask again! For the 1st night when sleeping 2 of you make noise for 1 time only. Then the following night Aiden slept very well until morning and Eden will still make noise for 1 time but you fall slept back when mommy pat on you! Over all 2 of you didn't cry badly when this weaning period!! Mommy is happy for this but felt 'heart heavy' also when the 1st few days! Well done my boys!! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dancing Happy Twin!!

In these few months, Eden & Aiden likes to dance with those song which wai po sing always! You 2 will request to play the song for you to dance!!

Monday, May 31, 2010


We went to Carrefour Alamanda Putrajaya yesterday with pa pa, 2 jiu jiu and Ah Mei jie jie after our dim sum breakfast at Puchong. What make mommy surprised was the Isomil Plus Advance formula soy milk powder selling at RM48.99 per tin. This is far cheaper than mommy bought at Chinese medical hall at RM55 per tin. And last time Carrefour sell it at RM52.90. So, pa pa said grab 12 tins since mommy wanted to stock up already. But we only managed to grab 10tins as that only left on the rack. And mommy also bought 2 packs of Mamypoko diaper @ RM42.79 each and 2 packs of Fitti basic diaper @ RM24.89 each.
Billabong also doing promotion of 70%. Mommy also grab some clothing for myself... :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Milk time with Avent bottles

Since the Avent magic cup been used for so long, mommy bought this Avent bottles for 2 of you to drink milk at night before sleep. As you didn't use bottle after you were 1 month plus, 2 of you were so excited when see this! You 2 thought this is a toy! Playing with it when mommy took it out from the box! Mommy sure 2 of you like to use it to drink milk because the teat is softer than the training cup teat! And it is nicer to suck!! :)

Aiden happy with the new bottle!!

Eden enjoying suck suck the new bottle! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Went to Genting again!! :) (backdated)

In Mac and April'10, we went to Genting twice!!!

25/3/10, mommy, Eden, Aiden, wai gong, wai po, gu po, and Suet Wei biao yi went overnight at Genting! We got some free room stay vouchers at 1st World Hotel from Auntie Chinnee! Thanks a lot!!!! This is the 1st time you 2 went to Genting with wai gong and wai po! They are happy to see you enjoyed playing there! But they are tired to carry you 2 as you didn't want to walk! I think 2 of you don't like the condition in 1st World Plaza! The roller coaster flying above you! We had a great buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace, Genting Hotel with gu po and biao yi! Wai gong and wai po didn't join us as they still full!

We went to the Safari Water Park to play with the very warm water! But Eden you not really like it because the smoke came out from the water! I think you scare about that! Aiden were quite enjoyed in the warm pool!! Hope next time you 2 can really playing with the slide and all the things there!!

We had a great buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace, Genting Hotel (Thanks again Auntie Chinnee recommend us this great restaurant!) with gu po and biao yi! Wai gong and wai po didn't join is as they still full! After the yummy dinner, we went back to 1st World Plaza to play at the indoor theme park! For sure, 2 of you were really really enjoyed this! You 2 like the Ferris Wheel! Keep saying 'gao gao' (high)! And the Reindeer's ride!! Eden you kept saying "deer deer!". :)

We had a very nice day at Genting with wai gong and wai po... We also stopped at the 'Qing Tsui' temple for a look! Both of you were so happy there! Kept running around even you 2 were very tired! We back home after we had our lunch at Gotong Jaya and 2 of you fall slept when on the way home!! :)

10,11/4/10 - Saturday, around 4pm, pa pa called mommy and asked mommy to go Genting Highland! What?? So late already still want to go Genting?? Pa pa told mommy that jiu jiu's friend booked some extra room, and asked us to go! Wow!! Such a nice person! And the room is Maxims Suite, Genting Hotel! Cost RM1.4k per night!! Oh My God! So, after we get ready, we went to fetch Ivan uncle and Karen jie jie. Yi Hwa ah yi went with us as well!! Jiu jiu and Ah Mei jie jie were with the other car!

We reached Genting quite late! It was around 9pm when we went into the suite! Oh! The suite is really nice!! We all love it so much! Both of you really happy and jump up and down, run in and out!!! We ordered room service for our dinner because we all were so lazy to go out! The food was so yummy! Maybe we were too hungry huh?? :) After the dinner, we went down to breath some fresh cool air! And play some rides at the Vision City! After that we back to room and it was around 12am! Pa pa went clubbing with uncle, Karen jie jie, jiu jiu and Ah Mei jie jie! Mommy and Yi Hwa ah yi stayed in the room to look after 2 of you! After both of you fall slept, mommy enjoyed online with the computer provided in the room plus Internet! :)

Next morning, we had our breakfast at Hou Yao Kei dim sum restaurant! After that, we heading to 1st World Plaza! After the discussion, we decided to go for out door theme park! Both of you really enjoyed the rides at the outdoor theme park!! We almost ride all the family rides! Around 4.30pm, when we in the Ferris Wheel, 2 of you nearly fall asleep! :D You 2 started tired and want to take a nap! So, we decided to leave Genting Highland! When we on the way to the car park, Aiden already fall slept! Eden fall slept when on the way going down hill!! You 2 really enjoyed for the day! Mommy believe we will go there again very soon!! Hope so!! Haha... :)

P/S: All photos had been uploaded to my Facebook = Irene Mali Mali Hom. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

The words that Eden & Aiden can say now!

2 of you consider very slow in talk! Let's see what 2 of you can talk in your aged 2!! :)


- da ge (Eden)

- di di (Aiden)

- ma ma

- ba ba

- po (grandma)

- gong (grandpa)

- tai (great grandma)

- yi yi (mommy's sister)

- zhio zhio (mommy's brother and suppose pronounce as jiu jiu)
- tai (great grandma)
- pu po (grand auntie and suppose is gu po)
- kiok gong (Aiden) (grand uncle and suppose is chiong gong)
- mei mei
- jie jie
- kor kor
- a cle (UNCLE)
- a ti (UNTIE)

- bye bye
- an an / dark dark
- gao gao (tall)
- dun (it's mean GUN)
- big
- mall (it's mean SMALL)
- go
- fun (it's mean rice in mandarin)
- chi fun (eat rice)
- yao (want)
- no no
- bao bao (cuddle / full / diaper)
- bei (blanket / want you carry him on back)
- gai gai (go jalan-jalan)
- book
- yum se (yum seng)
- da (big in mandarin/ star)
- yo (have)

- open

- mei mei (beautiful)

- neh neh (want mommy breastfeed)
- cake
- mie bao (BREAD)
- bun
- b ke (Aiden) (BISCUIT)
- papaya
- banana
- ple (APPLE)
- nut
- ffff ball (FISH BALL)
- fuuuu (TAUFU)
- egg

- car
- bus

- wow wow (DOG)
- mao (CAT)
- duck duck
- kok kok (CHICKEN, who teach you this huh??!! :s )
- nake (SNAKE)

- ma (horse)

- tiger

- la-yee (LION)


- in chinese - 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9

- in english - 1, 4, 5, 8, 9


- A, B, C, D, E, O,


- nai nai (Fruity Pie)

- Yo Yo

- Mo Mo

- Ba ney (Barney)

- Pooh

and etc.................................... :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eden & Aiden's 2 years old birthday celebration!!!

Oooo... It's been a long time mommy didn't update the blog!! Due to very busy during Chinese New Year and very tired & lazy after Chinese New Year! :p And there was always fail when mommy upload the photo & video here! :s

Last Saturday, we had just celebrated your 2 years old birthday at ah tai's house! Almost all of our family member attended to celebrate with 2 of you! We asked a 'loot loot car' (like steamboat but in stick type) came to ah tai's house and 2 gu po, 3rd shu po ready some food like fried bee hoon, fried noodles, curry chicken, fried spring roll, agar-agar, chocolate biscuits and etc. Thanks them for the yummy foods!

We did invite some friends to come on that day. Joey's mei mei & her parents, Ah Soon kor kor and Karen jie jie (should be uncle and auntie. ;p), Auntie Chin Nee and her husband, qi qi jie jie, twin boys di di and their kakak (remember we met them when we went to Genting Highland?)and some wai po's friends! Really thanks for their coming and make the party so nice and wonderful! And thanks for the presents given to Eden and Aiden!

Papa asked di di after the party :"Are you happy today?" and di di you nodded your head! Then pa pa said next year he will celebrate your birthday with both of you again!!! So, we waiting the day to come!! ;)

Due to too many photo we had taken on that day, mommy don't want to upload the photo here. But mommy already upload all the photos at my Facebook, so just log in to my Facebook to see all the nice nice photo! Just search my name = Irene Mali Mali Hom

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dance infront of so many people!!

Eden & Aiden performed infront of around 30 people!!! Last 2 weeks, we went to 佛堂 again! This time, Shirley biao, Yi Hwa ah yi and some kor kor jie jie sing and dance infront of all the guest and both of you also wanted to join them to dance!!! You 2 make everyone laugh and you 2 done so well for the dance!! Eventhough you didn't dance with the correct steps, didn't dance with the whole song, but you 2 tried to follow the steps they dance!!

Mommy so happy to see that and proud of Eden & Aiden!! ;)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Eden & Aiden performing! ;)

Eden and Aiden like to sing and dance as what the previous post written before! As mommy say, I'll post some of the video that when Eden & Aiden 'performing'!! ;)

Surprisingly, these few weeks, you 2 started to follow how the jie jie kor kor in the tv dance!! Mommy never teach you 2 how to dance with that song! 2 of you just watched the song for 2 or 3 times, then can remember some steps already!! You 2 will dance together with the song once you see it in tv! Aiden you are more interested on this and Eden you will dance together too but only a short while then you started to run around!

Mommy is so happy to see when 2 of you dancing!! And proud of you!!! Keep it up my dear!! ;)

The Itcy Bitcy Spider from Barney and Friends! Actually 2 of you like to dance with this song around 4 months back after mommy taught you!! The 1st song you 2 learn to dance and both of you like this song so much!!! Always dance with it whenever hear it!!

两只老虎 - Remember in the previous post, a video showing gu po teaching Aiden how to dance with this song?? And wai po taught Eden! Now you can dance better!! ;)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Eden's 两只老虎

MO MO 欢乐谷 theme song! This is the 1st song Eden & Aiden dance with the kor kor jie jie by yourself!!!

Are You Sleeping - You 2 can dance with the song after watched 1 time how the 苹果姐姐 dance with the song!! Bravo Eden & Aiden!!

Mo Mo 欢乐谷 theme song again! Get better and better!! ;)

P/S : Actually there are more video mommy wants to post here like Mo Mo 欢乐谷 再见歌,how Eden and Aiden sing. Due to the Internet line is down recently, the upload of video keep failed! So, recently mommy also less update the blog!! Mommy will try to upload it again!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Playing together!

Around 3 months back, 2 of you started to play together. I mean both of you started to play with each other. When your baby's time, 2 of you not look at each other even 1 second! Now, you 2 always play with each other, and for sure always fight for a toy too!!!!

This video taken on 14th Oct 2009. 2 of you like to follow what the other doing!

21st Nov 2009, this video taken when mommy saw 2 of you were 'talking' to each other! This really make mommy laugh! I think only you 2 understand what the other talking about! :D

21st Nov 2009, playing in wai po's room. If not mistaken, is Aiden you keep wanted to hold Eden's hand!

14th Dec 2009, playing the Mega Bloks together!

7th Jan 2010, 2 naked boys playing tickle! You 2 like to tickle each other when naked! Especially Eden! :)

Learn to read

Thanks Auntie Angel for helping mommy to get these 2 education product! You 2 still have some toys to play with now, so mommy will keep these first and let you 2 play later! ;)

WORD READER - put a card in and it will read the word.

Robin i-Pen - mommy not yet discover how does this pen work. I think it will read the word out too when point on the their story book.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Old and little pig...

Mommy forgot to post this photo at the Christmas post! This photo taken when we at The Mines Shopping Fair after the wedding lunch! 2 of you were so tired when in the mall and fall slept. Mommy carried Aiden and wai gong carried Eden. Since 2 of you were nap and it was so hard to carry you for more than an hour, we had something to drink at Starbucks Coffee. Maybe the sofa there are very comfortable and wai gong was tired as well, he also took a nap with Eden. See!! 2 pigs are in the photo, old and little 1..... :)

Eden you were sleep soundly on wai gong's comfortable 'cushion' tummy!! ;p

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sungai Wang & Mid Valley

Last 2 days, we went to Sungai Wang Plaza and Mid Valley Mega Mall with yi yi. Shirley biao yi and Yi Hwa ah yi go with us also. Actually mommy wanted to go MV to buy the Nike sport shoes for 2 of you but unlucky the model was out of stock! And the man told mommy that the new model is coming out soon, so we just wait and see for the new model! ;)

After yi yi finished her make up class, we went to T Bowl restaurant at Sungai Wang Plaza to have something to eat. This is a very special restaurant! Everything in the restaurant is about toilet! See, some photo taken in the shop:

Is you, Aiden! Look carefully in this photo! ;p

See!!!! Toilet bowl seats!

Toilet bowl cover plate!

Toilet bowl!!!!!!!!!!
After we finished our meal, yi yi suggested us to take photo with those machine - '大头贴'! 2 of you were so happy when in the machine! you 2 even can smile when taking picture! Actually that time already 5pm+ and 2 of you were very tired because didn't nap at all! But once we enter that shop and 2 of you started to play and run around again! You 2 dance in the machine because there were some colorful flashing lights and music!
These are some of the picture taken:

Oopsss.... a bit blur....
After this, we straight heading to MV. 2 of you fall slept after 5 minutes enter into the car! Really tired!
Mommy bought some snack at Shojikiya, the Japanese food shop.
Cute printed biscuits - RM3.30 per box

Pretz - RM5.90, Hello Panda - RM15.90 (This is for mommy! ;p)

Let 2 of you tried the panda printed biscuits and you 2 just love it! You will say :"fu........" when you see or request to eat the biscuits! You 2 saying this because you like to watch the KungFu Panda movie and the that is a scene that the panda says :"I love kung fu~~~~~~~~~" ;)

Eden - Dancing king :D

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas decoration everywhere!!!

Because of the Christmas season, all the shopping malls were decorated with nice lighting and decorations! So, for that few weekends, we went to some of the big malls to see all the nice decorations!

Sungai Wang Plaza

The Mines Shopping Fair (went there after a wedding lunch at Serdang)
2 of you not co-operated to let mommy to take a nice photo!


Eden??? Mommy also not so sure! ;p

Pavilion - A place that mommy wanted to bring 2 of you to go for the Christmas decoration there! Because lots of friends said that there was really nice! Snowing some more!

Christmas songs time

Looking at the stage....

Innocent look??

Enjoying the performance of the stage.

Pa pa and Aiden. Nice decoration right?

Mommy with 2 little rascal, waiting for the 'snow'!

Finally... 'snowing'!!! As mommy thought, it was made from suds! :s Eden, are you wondering what is that?? :)

Mommy & Aiden

Time Square

Cute snow man!

Sunway Pyramid

We thought this is Baby Bob but actually this is just a BBQ Plaza dragon. 2 of you were so scared of it! Eden you see your face, you were so worry that you might touch it! And Aiden you even not willing to take photo with it!!

Enjoying the rides....

Aiden scared to ride this. End up Eden also not willing to ride on it! :s

Ikano Power Centre - Nice Underwater Christmas! Get to see some fishes there!

Looking and having fun with the bubbles!!

Posing with the antique car! ;p

Aiden :" Mommy, can you please don't block the way! My sports car is coming through!"

Eden you like this so much even though you just sit on it and the motorbike is not moving!

Aiden with the cute motorbike!

Start engine!!! Vrrroooommmm..... Vrrroooooommmmm.....