Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eden & Aiden's 2 years old birthday celebration!!!

Oooo... It's been a long time mommy didn't update the blog!! Due to very busy during Chinese New Year and very tired & lazy after Chinese New Year! :p And there was always fail when mommy upload the photo & video here! :s

Last Saturday, we had just celebrated your 2 years old birthday at ah tai's house! Almost all of our family member attended to celebrate with 2 of you! We asked a 'loot loot car' (like steamboat but in stick type) came to ah tai's house and 2 gu po, 3rd shu po ready some food like fried bee hoon, fried noodles, curry chicken, fried spring roll, agar-agar, chocolate biscuits and etc. Thanks them for the yummy foods!

We did invite some friends to come on that day. Joey's mei mei & her parents, Ah Soon kor kor and Karen jie jie (should be uncle and auntie. ;p), Auntie Chin Nee and her husband, qi qi jie jie, twin boys di di and their kakak (remember we met them when we went to Genting Highland?)and some wai po's friends! Really thanks for their coming and make the party so nice and wonderful! And thanks for the presents given to Eden and Aiden!

Papa asked di di after the party :"Are you happy today?" and di di you nodded your head! Then pa pa said next year he will celebrate your birthday with both of you again!!! So, we waiting the day to come!! ;)

Due to too many photo we had taken on that day, mommy don't want to upload the photo here. But mommy already upload all the photos at my Facebook, so just log in to my Facebook to see all the nice nice photo! Just search my name = Irene Mali Mali Hom

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