Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Had a wonderful weekend at Genting Highland again!

Pa pa brought us to Genting Highland again last Saturday (4/9/10) as he had a conference there! Yi Hwa ah yi also going with us because she need to help mommy to take care 2 of you!

For the 1st day, after the dinner around 6pm, we heading to the Rainforest Splash pool! This time the water not warm anymore! It was too cold for 2 of you and you 2 still didn't like the condition there! The loud sound too scary for you 2? We didn't stayed for long as you 2 totally not enjoyed there! Then we went for shower!

After left the things back into the room! We played in the First World indoor theme park! This for sure you 2 like it very much! And this is the 1st time you 2 ride on the Ride de Paris! Last time mommy dare not to let you ride this because you scared when the car leave! After 1 day you 2 ride a smaller car ride at Sunway Pyramid and you 2 were enjoyed with it! So mommy know you 2 sure like this very much! You 2 really enjoy this very much and requested to ride more!

2 of you played until mid night then only back to room to sleep! Mommy was the most tired 1 because Aiden kept wants mommy to carry! So, mommy carried you the whole day and night and make hands muscle very sore!! Hmm... Still got 1 more day to go! The next day!

Around 2pm after we had lunch with pa pa, pa pa need to go for the conference again! So mommy and Yi Hwa ah yi brought you 2 to the outdoor theme park! And again 2 of you were very very happy enjoying all the rides there! The weather is very cold! Slightly rain a while but wont wet us badly! We just stayed at covered rides when raining! Strong wind make us felt really cold! Really long time didn't feel this cold at Genting already!! And we met a clown jie jie that she likes 2 of you very much! She made a gun and a dog balloon for 2 of you as you 2 requested! But the balloon flew away due to the strong wind when we ride on the Matahari (Ferris wheel). :D

Around 5pm, the conference was finished and we went to met pa pa at the exit! 2 of you told pa pa what the rides you 2 had ride for the day!!! You 2 must be very excited and happy! 2 of you slept soundly when on the way back! Must be very tired! :)

Don't know when we can go Genting again. Hope can bring you 2 go again soon as mommy know you 2 like there very very much!! :)

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