Wednesday, September 22, 2010

About the 2 boys

So fast, 2 of you already 2 and half years old. For sure you 2 bring a lots of fun to everyone and of course a lots of trouble to mommy! You 2 sometimes will talk like an adult! Always surprise mommy with the way you talk! And you 2 can sing too! Even though not clear with the lyrics! The songs you like to sing like '1,2 buckle my shoe, san loon che, birthday song,and etc! You 2 like to play with imagination! Always make mommy laugh when you 2 playing different character. You 2 like to act like a clown, make balloon and give to everyone! You 2 like to play with the cooking toys, cut and cook some foods. You 2 like to use pillow and blanket to make it into a car or boat and having fun on it! You 2 always like to snatch each other toys! Once mommy hear screaming, mommy know you 2 sure snatching for a toy! And this happened everyday!!!

Eden, you are very 'cow'! You more like 'dai lou'! Whatever you do also will be 'cow'! Less patience to learn what mommy teach you like alphabet and numbers! Physically (like jump, climb up stair and etc) is better than Aiden! Mommy likes to see when you want to tell mommy something! You will open your eye really big and talk with serious face!! You can tell the things clearly more than Aiden! Sometimes mommy really don't know what Aiden want to tell and mommy will ask you. Then you can exactly tell what actually Aiden want! You like to play with boy's stuff such as play with game boy, play or ride on the push car/electric motorcycle, like to watch those TV programme with story based and etc. You like to snatch toy which on Aiden's hand! See what Aiden playing you will want it or disturb him! Then make Aiden scream and cry! Normally you'll listen to what mommy say (except when snatching toys with Aiden) and willing to walk on your own!

Aiden, You are more 'soft' type but very demanding! You like to learn what mommy teach you for the alphabet and numbers and have more patience when learning! Now you can almost recognize all the alphabets and can tell numbers until 20! You love Eden very much. Most of the time you will let your toys to him when he wants it! Even you also want to play and cry when he snatch it! When Eden cry badly, you will feel to cry too! When mommy say want to give Eden away to stranger because he is so naughty and make you cry. You will not allow also! Can see how much you love him! You like to watch singing show or MTV. Always want to watch po's singing DVD. And always requested mommy to sing different kids and adults' song! You are very stick to mommy recently after wean off breast milk. Always want mommy to carry you even at home! Not willing to walk by yourself when outing! Make mommy very tired to carry you all the time! You are a cry baby and always throw tantrum! Make mommy get mad and crazy always!

Parenting life is so colorful! Mommy still enjoy with it (but not when 2 of you naughty! :p)! The most important is to give 2 of you a healthy and happy life! :)

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