Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1st time went to Megakidz at Mid Valley

3/10/10, we went to Mid Valley for the CIMB Smart Rewards Fiesta. Xiao jiu jiu and Mark kor kor also there with us! Mommy didn't get the thing mommy want which was the DSLR camera. Mommy only bought some micro fibre floor mat! After we visited the fiesta, we headed to Megakidz. Before we came out from house, mommy already plan to bring you 2 there to play!

We had a great time there! Both of you were so enjoy when playing in the playground! You 2 so happy when jumping on the qiant bouncer! But the big playground actually is more suitable for kids around 5 years old and above because you 2 are too short to climb up onto it! So pa pa went in to carry you 2 up! Xiao jiu jiu and Mark kor kor also went in to play! :) You 2 really had much and much fun! Not only you 2, we all were so enjoyed when playing in Megakidz! Pa pa and mommy sure will bring you 2 go there again soon!! :)

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