Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas decoration everywhere!!!

Because of the Christmas season, all the shopping malls were decorated with nice lighting and decorations! So, for that few weekends, we went to some of the big malls to see all the nice decorations!

Sungai Wang Plaza

The Mines Shopping Fair (went there after a wedding lunch at Serdang)
2 of you not co-operated to let mommy to take a nice photo!


Eden??? Mommy also not so sure! ;p

Pavilion - A place that mommy wanted to bring 2 of you to go for the Christmas decoration there! Because lots of friends said that there was really nice! Snowing some more!

Christmas songs time

Looking at the stage....

Innocent look??

Enjoying the performance of the stage.

Pa pa and Aiden. Nice decoration right?

Mommy with 2 little rascal, waiting for the 'snow'!

Finally... 'snowing'!!! As mommy thought, it was made from suds! :s Eden, are you wondering what is that?? :)

Mommy & Aiden

Time Square

Cute snow man!

Sunway Pyramid

We thought this is Baby Bob but actually this is just a BBQ Plaza dragon. 2 of you were so scared of it! Eden you see your face, you were so worry that you might touch it! And Aiden you even not willing to take photo with it!!

Enjoying the rides....

Aiden scared to ride this. End up Eden also not willing to ride on it! :s

Ikano Power Centre - Nice Underwater Christmas! Get to see some fishes there!

Looking and having fun with the bubbles!!

Posing with the antique car! ;p

Aiden :" Mommy, can you please don't block the way! My sports car is coming through!"

Eden you like this so much even though you just sit on it and the motorbike is not moving!

Aiden with the cute motorbike!

Start engine!!! Vrrroooommmm..... Vrrroooooommmmm.....

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