Friday, January 15, 2010

Eden & Aiden performing! ;)

Eden and Aiden like to sing and dance as what the previous post written before! As mommy say, I'll post some of the video that when Eden & Aiden 'performing'!! ;)

Surprisingly, these few weeks, you 2 started to follow how the jie jie kor kor in the tv dance!! Mommy never teach you 2 how to dance with that song! 2 of you just watched the song for 2 or 3 times, then can remember some steps already!! You 2 will dance together with the song once you see it in tv! Aiden you are more interested on this and Eden you will dance together too but only a short while then you started to run around!

Mommy is so happy to see when 2 of you dancing!! And proud of you!!! Keep it up my dear!! ;)

The Itcy Bitcy Spider from Barney and Friends! Actually 2 of you like to dance with this song around 4 months back after mommy taught you!! The 1st song you 2 learn to dance and both of you like this song so much!!! Always dance with it whenever hear it!!

两只老虎 - Remember in the previous post, a video showing gu po teaching Aiden how to dance with this song?? And wai po taught Eden! Now you can dance better!! ;)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Eden's 两只老虎

MO MO 欢乐谷 theme song! This is the 1st song Eden & Aiden dance with the kor kor jie jie by yourself!!!

Are You Sleeping - You 2 can dance with the song after watched 1 time how the 苹果姐姐 dance with the song!! Bravo Eden & Aiden!!

Mo Mo 欢乐谷 theme song again! Get better and better!! ;)

P/S : Actually there are more video mommy wants to post here like Mo Mo 欢乐谷 再见歌,how Eden and Aiden sing. Due to the Internet line is down recently, the upload of video keep failed! So, recently mommy also less update the blog!! Mommy will try to upload it again!!!

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