Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sungai Wang & Mid Valley

Last 2 days, we went to Sungai Wang Plaza and Mid Valley Mega Mall with yi yi. Shirley biao yi and Yi Hwa ah yi go with us also. Actually mommy wanted to go MV to buy the Nike sport shoes for 2 of you but unlucky the model was out of stock! And the man told mommy that the new model is coming out soon, so we just wait and see for the new model! ;)

After yi yi finished her make up class, we went to T Bowl restaurant at Sungai Wang Plaza to have something to eat. This is a very special restaurant! Everything in the restaurant is about toilet! See, some photo taken in the shop:

Is you, Aiden! Look carefully in this photo! ;p

See!!!! Toilet bowl seats!

Toilet bowl cover plate!

Toilet bowl!!!!!!!!!!
After we finished our meal, yi yi suggested us to take photo with those machine - '大头贴'! 2 of you were so happy when in the machine! you 2 even can smile when taking picture! Actually that time already 5pm+ and 2 of you were very tired because didn't nap at all! But once we enter that shop and 2 of you started to play and run around again! You 2 dance in the machine because there were some colorful flashing lights and music!
These are some of the picture taken:

Oopsss.... a bit blur....
After this, we straight heading to MV. 2 of you fall slept after 5 minutes enter into the car! Really tired!
Mommy bought some snack at Shojikiya, the Japanese food shop.
Cute printed biscuits - RM3.30 per box

Pretz - RM5.90, Hello Panda - RM15.90 (This is for mommy! ;p)

Let 2 of you tried the panda printed biscuits and you 2 just love it! You will say :"fu........" when you see or request to eat the biscuits! You 2 saying this because you like to watch the KungFu Panda movie and the that is a scene that the panda says :"I love kung fu~~~~~~~~~" ;)

Eden - Dancing king :D

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