Monday, May 31, 2010


We went to Carrefour Alamanda Putrajaya yesterday with pa pa, 2 jiu jiu and Ah Mei jie jie after our dim sum breakfast at Puchong. What make mommy surprised was the Isomil Plus Advance formula soy milk powder selling at RM48.99 per tin. This is far cheaper than mommy bought at Chinese medical hall at RM55 per tin. And last time Carrefour sell it at RM52.90. So, pa pa said grab 12 tins since mommy wanted to stock up already. But we only managed to grab 10tins as that only left on the rack. And mommy also bought 2 packs of Mamypoko diaper @ RM42.79 each and 2 packs of Fitti basic diaper @ RM24.89 each.
Billabong also doing promotion of 70%. Mommy also grab some clothing for myself... :)


  1. ya..we should stock up as and when there are offers especially now when everything also increase price.

  2. Hei, i going to be twins mama soon. just would like to check with you, one month how many tins of milk powder and how many pack of diapers for a twin.

  3. hi jezalmy... hmm... im not sure how many tins of milk powder for the new born twins coz i fully breastfeed them until they 21 months old. then only i mix with the Isomil... :) diaper... i use napkin most of the time.... only let them use diaper at night or outing.... now x use napkin but cloth diaper when their nap time... only dispose diaper at night n outing!! :)