Saturday, August 21, 2010

weaning nen nen

2 weeks ago (started 16/8/10), mommy started to wean off breastfeed to 2 of you! Mommy thought this will be a very hard mission but actually not! Mommy used a plaster stick on the nipple, and told 2 of you that eagle will come and bite nen nen, then nen nen will bleed, so mommy stick it off to avoid bitten by eagle! Every time when you ask for nen nen, mommy will tell u the same thing then 2 of you will not ask again! For the 1st night when sleeping 2 of you make noise for 1 time only. Then the following night Aiden slept very well until morning and Eden will still make noise for 1 time but you fall slept back when mommy pat on you! Over all 2 of you didn't cry badly when this weaning period!! Mommy is happy for this but felt 'heart heavy' also when the 1st few days! Well done my boys!! :)

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