Saturday, July 4, 2009

'Swimming Pool'

Today papa came back early! Around 2pm ad reach 'gu po' (cousin's mother) house. Papa brought back the pool given by my fren's as E&A birthday present. until yesterday i just asked him to bring it back! Cause recently the H1N1 virus is getting serious! so we cannot go to swimming pool to swim!

Once papa reach, he straight away open the box n set up the pool! They cant wait to go into the pool! so, i just take off their cloth n put them in even the water not full yet! They swim v naked! hehe... Aiden love to swim, he crawl here and there in the pool but Eden just sit at the same place! They play around 30mins then i brought them up n take to to nap!

After they nap, around 3.30pm, me and hubby went to My Dear warehouse sales! Left them with gu po n biao jiu. Bought some toys for them. When the way back around 5pm, i called back
to c how are they. They just woke up, n looking for me. But they just cry for awhile then ok ad! ;)

Around 6pm, 2nd round for swimming~~ this time Eden didnt want to sit in the pool! He just stand there and not willing to sit down! Aiden cant wait to go in once he saw the pool! I put some toys that just bought from My Dear! Then Eden only willing to sit to play the toys! Hmm... they really like to come gu po's house, cause here got motorcycle, pool, and can go to c goats by riding on motorcycle!!! ;)

Today, Aiden keep call everyone 'ma ma' when he request for a thing! When he want a thing from gu po, gu po ask him to call 'GU~~~ PO', but he said 'ma ma'! :s

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