Friday, July 10, 2009

At gu po's house for few days!!

Suet Wei biao yi in holidays, so we can stay at gu po's house for few days! For sure, E&A are very happy!! Thursday, we went to 'xiao jiu jiu' (my youngest brother), Ah Guan jiu jiu & An Jie biao jiu (both are my cousins) school at s'ban, Chong Hwa High School. We went there cause An Jie biao jiu left his schooling shoe at home. Because that school was an infected area of influenza A (H1N1), so, qiong gong didnt want us especially E&A go into crowded place like canteen! So, we ask them to meet us at basket ball court! Lots of students playing basket ball that time! E&A were so happy when saw that! Cause they like ball very much! They will show u the 'play ball' hand sign with 'uh!!' sound! Like playing volleyball! Because they always see Shirley biao yi play volleyball and their mommy was x volleyball player!! ;) Chiong gong not allowed us to go near to the court! He worried about the H1N1!! Funny!! haha...

Friday, gu po & Suet wei biao yi set up the pool that pa pa brought back yesterday night! They having so much fun in the pool!! Evening, we sent Shirley biao yi to volleyball training! When the way back, 'wai gong' (my father) call gu po, asked us to go to his shop, cause got durian to eat!!! Hurayyy!! E&A love durian so much!! At night, when we having dinner, E&A keep make noise cause they wanted to eat! So, the 'bad' Shirley biao yi let them tried 1 of the dish - mix vege curry!! She let them ate long bean. Seem like they can eat spicy food! Cause they keep request again! Awhile later, they started to feel hot! Keep use hand to touch their tongue! So, I gave them some water! They didnt drink much! Then asked for the curry vege again! :D

Today, they got spaghetti as their lunch! I decided to cook this long times ago! This time, im not the one who cook this! Gu po cook! Hehe... After their lunch, was 'swimming' time! ;) Chiong gong added a new 'toy' in their pool! Guess what?? 2 coconuts!!! :D Just picked from coconut tree last few days!!! They are so excited with the new 'toys'! :)

Tonight, we will go back to wai po's house, don't know when only can come to stay at gu po's house again! Hope will be very soon! They sure will miss here a lot!!! ;)

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