Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This afternoon, I let them try fish oil after their lunch. The fish oil they eat everyday is chewable type and it is sweet. Hubby said that one not good! So i let him try the one i take everyday! It is gel type in capsule. I make a small hole and drip the fish oil in the spoon. Then i let them try! After they eat, their face start to change! They dont like the smell! I asked them :"Nice or not?" They shake head! And I asked again :" Do you want somemore?" They shake head again! ;p

Evening, an aunty came to do massage for me and my mom! It's a medication massage! It was really hurt! E&A were in the room with gu po & biao yi. I keep shouting v laughing when it's hurt! When Eden saw this, he started to cry! I think he know mommies get hurt! He keep looking at the aunty!! Haha...

Recently, they will pintch their nose when see diaper, cloth diaper, napkin, wet tissue, poo poo... When ask them, where smelly? They will point to thier diaper that they wearing! Sometimes Aiden will point to Eden after I clean Eden's butt and Eden will do so! Then when ask them again :"Who smelly?" They will point to the other side! Funny! :D

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